Allergy Tales…

I am allergic. To everything!
And before you ask, yes- I have had blood tests done and I have years of medical history to back up my battles. And you know what annoys the crap out of me!? I have to keep my hay fever under control in order to control my asthma, because even on asthma meds I WILL battle if I don’t control my hay fever, but my medical aid will NOT put my hay fever meds onto my chronic plan! Allergy medication doesn’t qualify for chronic.


Where shall I start… I am allergic to over 80 plants including trees and grasses, so there is no way I can avoid them all. I am so allergic that the two times I was in hospital with asthmatic pneumonia I wasn’t allowed to have flowers in my room!

I am especially allergic to horses which breaks my heart because I love them so… and its not just sneezing- its allergic conjunctivitis and a rash on my face, neck and upper chest. So I avoid them.

Pet dander is also on my allergen list but is far easier controlled than the plant allergy and horses.

For my asthma I am on Inflammide and Avamys, and my asthma is under control. Its glorious. Being ale to breathe ALL the time is so great! I can’t explain it to you unless you have ever not been able to breathe for any length of time.

For the longest time I was taking 10mg tablet of Zyrtec (Cetirizine). It worked like a bomb. Then I couldn’t afford it so I switched to Allergex, but I had to literally overdose on it before it had any effect, and buying 4 boxes of 30 tablets a month cost almost the same as the Zyrtec so I switched back. Then I was taking Zyrtec and a 5mg tablet of Deselex (Desloratadine) and I was problem free for a long time. But as I mentioned before, every time I went to the chemist and told them I wanted a box of both Zyrtec and Deselex, they’d ask with concern if I was taking both, but they are over the counter so they gave them to me. Then out of curiosity I asked why the concern and they said that they are both pretty strong and perhaps I only needed one? But without meds I am sneezing, puffy-eyed and covered with welts within 24 hours! So one of them suggested I try Zyrtec and a 5mg tablet of Xyzal (Levocetirizine). I did so, and less than two weeks later I am not sneezing, but I my neck, upper torso and back is covered in a painful itchy rash! Its so annoying that it wakes me up!

Germolene and Anthisan did not help even a little bit and the rash continued to get worse.

I went to the doctor who gave me a cortisone cream for the rash (which is already feeling better), and she suggested I go back onto the Deselex and Zyrtec if it was working better. Deselex is potent, it doesn’t react with other medication and it doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier!

So pharmacists be damned, I am going to be taking a Deselex at night and a Zyrtec in the morning. I’m just not going to tell them they’re both for me. 🙂

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6 Responses to Allergy Tales…

  1. Oh gosh, you have my sympathy. I continuously have allergies – and they change and mutate. The worst at the moment is for Nepastat – a carrier in generic medicines. Last time I had to get adrenaline shots !

    I have no advice – it’s just crap. And I am sorry for you.
    What about desensitizing? The allergy clinic here in Pretoria does that – I am contemplating for bee sting.

  2. Laura says:

    Gosh sounds like lots of fun…NOT! And I thought being allergic to lactose and gluten was tough 🙁 At least those are easy to avoid!

    I say take what works for you 🙂 and the rest be damed!

  3. Melany says:

    (((hugs))) Jason is on Zyrtec for his allergies as well. The only thing that really works.
    He is not as bad as you though! Lots of hugs to you

  4. marieks says:

    Have you tried Texa instead of Zyrtec? Much cheaper, and hubby ( with exactly all your problems re asthma and hayfever), swears by it, with a Pynstop now and then to stop a hectic hayfever attack 🙂

  5. Sharon says:

    Zyrtec is fabulous, I use it for J when he has allergic reactions in the dry season. Shame girl I feel for you xx

  6. lulu says:

    Im sorry man! Blooming allergies!!