I’m Feeling It Again…

That itch for more that never really goes away. It dies down a little sometimes.

When I distract myself with a project or something else for a while.

Its always in the background though, niggling and whining and scratching at the door of my unconscious like a puppy that hates being left outside.

And seeing it everywhere doesn’t help either.

People often ask me why I do it. And many people don’t want to start because they’re afraid of the apparent danger of addiction… but I don’t think its addictive at all.

I think it just gets easier once you are over the hurdle of the first one.

Yes, it hurts, and I always forget just how much it hurts… but holy hell, when I see pictures of beautiful artwork adorning someone’s skin- I long for more of my own with a desperation that is almost laughable and very hard to explain!

Anyhoodle. I am indeed contemplating more ink. I have seen several designs that I really really like, and I have decided on my next two- which will actually be one tattoo as I can’t have one without the other…

And I stumbled on this chart again which I thought might put a smile on your dial whether you have ink or not.

10 thoughts on “I’m Feeling It Again…

  1. That photo is brilliant!!! and oooh do I feel that itch! TWIN is trying to sneak another with me when we go stateside in April. MrD has more than a few opinions on that one.

  2. I want to get one, it would be my first. I’m so glad to see on the chart that where I want to get it is between the 1 and 2, given that I’m a pain wimp.

  3. Oh LOL at the chart – I can attest to the one around the belly button. I’m want to get one done soon to cover the Chinese writing on my shoulder. It was cool at 18 to have “danger” tattooed on myself. Now not so much.

    So I’m hoping to get something that will cover it. I just haven’t found that certain something yet.

  4. Firstly, do you know that your comment love is no longer supported and you need an update on your blog 🙂
    Secondly, such an interesting chart as to what kind of pain one can experience on different parts of the body. Because I know I am not getting any tattoo’s in my life and I always thought of how much pain a tattoo is to people who gets it. Very interesting.

  5. I have two and would so dearly love to get a third, but I think hubby would have a fit. I think I need to get him to get one, and then he’ll love it so much he’ll get another and then I can get another… hmm…:-)

  6. oooh, i was having the same moment yesterday and started looking at designs. have SO many ideas and so little space though – until i have a fab job working for myself i don’t want to get anything that can’t be easily hidden, so am limited to my back for now.

    also, have to lose a large amount of weight before i get the 2 rib pieces i want.

    that pain chart made me lol. the tattoo artist i use in durbs has a barstool which has teeth marks on it from my cousin fomr when he got his first rib piece done 😉

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