The Xbox360 Kinect Challenge Thus Far…

I have…

  • Spent 3 hours and 43 minutes exercising
  • Burnt 1214 calories
  • Completed 13 workouts
  • Travelled 7.8km
  • Earned 27 milestones
  • Earned 745 gauge points
  • Had an average heart rate of 106 with an average heart rate recovery time of 1 minute 28 seconds


I am personally quite proud of myself right now. I have never in my life been so voluntarily active! I didn’t do any kindof sports at school. I didn’t ever join any kind of sports clubs. Company team building and fun days had me volunteering to photograph everything rather than actually exert myself. I get out of breath just climbing the stairs to my upstairs bedroom, and walking the dogs would have me gasping for air like I’d been running for my life!

And now, after just this short length of time, I am actually completing most of the workouts without stopping for a breather! I must admit, I have skipped some of the flat-on-the-floor exercises since I really hate getting down onto the floor and getting back up- my knees are completely forked and it hurts like a mother trucker… but the rest of the exercises I really worked hard at doing properly because it tells you whether you have completed a workout completely or partially, and I like the 90+ percentages!


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