Something’s Changed

Back in September 2006, I had a Nissen Fundoplication to repair a hiatus hernia that I had battled with for years. I won’t bore you with the details, but you can read the related posts by clicking here, if you want to. The simple explanation is that I have a new stomach valve, constructed using the top section of my own stomach. After the operation- which was a huge success and I’ve only had heartburn two or three times since then– I had to train this new stomach valve how to allow food through into my stomach, and it started with a liquid diet, then a soft food diet, them slowly adding normal food until I was eating normally again.

One HUGE thing I had to learn to do was chew my food to death and eat tiny little fork-fulls of food at a time, otherwise the swallowed food was too big or too course to go through the new valve opening and it would get stuck- painfully- for several minutes whilst my stomach valve worked the food down. I know it sounds dreadfully graphic, but it took several painful lessons before I learnt to keep a mouthful small and chew properly.

Lately though, since I started Weigh-Less, I have started experiencing that pain again! Is worst with chicken or bread, which is dry, but I haven’t battled like this in ages! Its very strange, but it has served as a reminder to keep my spoonfuls small and to chew properly…

6 thoughts on “Something’s Changed

  1. Sounds very painful 🙁
    But the way you eat is the way everyone is supposed to eat. It’s good for everyone’s digestive system and it have helped me a lot in being mindful of what I eat, tasting the food for real.

  2. Sheeez!!! sounds awfully painful! I wonder why you are experiencing it again?? Is it perhaps the low oil / no sauce / zero flavour content in your food??

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