The Xbox360 Kinect Blogger Challenge

Today was the last day of my 3 week fitness challenge as it is laid out by the EA Sports Active 2 and I have never in my life worked so hard to win a competition!!!

In case you missed it, I blogged about it here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (and experienced a brief “Over The Hedge” moment there), and I competed against fellow mommy bloggers ExMi, A Bit Of This A Bit Of That, So Close and ImpatientLeo.

Here are my stats as recorded by the Xbox360 Kinect of the end of my challenge:


  • Calories Burned: 1556.9
  • Total Exercise Time: 04:34:45
  • Workouts Completed: 16
  • Programmes Completed: 1
  • Total Distance Travelled: 12.4km
  • Milestones Earned: 31
  • Average Heart Rate: 107
  • Average Heart Rate Recovery Time: 00:01:22
  • Gauge Points Earned: 960

I set my goals for the challenge as follows:

  • Do all 12 of the workouts in the programme by the time the Xbox bundle is collected on the 28th
    • I missed one…
  • Burn the 1800 calories in the three weeks, as laid out in the program.
    • I’m rather pleased with my 1556.9
  • Do the 6 hours of workout in the three weeks of the programme.
    • I fell short of this one…
  • My average weight loss is 800g per week on Weigh Less, and I would like to double that by using the Active 2 program
    • I only lost a kilogram the three weeks, but I was cheating on my diet every weekend which certainly didn’t help!!!

Lemme tell you bunnies, if I don’t win this challenge I am seriously considering buying an Xbox360 Kinect for me. I started enjoying exercising. I love that I could exercise in my undies since I LOATHE the heat. I love that I could swear at my personal trainer to my hearts’ content- without hurting his feelings or upsetting any gym patrons, although the swearing did decrease as I got a bit fitter and didn’t feel like I was half dead after completing a warm-up!!

11 thoughts on “The Xbox360 Kinect Blogger Challenge

  1. Marcelle: the aim of the challenge was not to lose weight, it was to follow a set 3 week program and try to improve on my fitness levels, which I believe I did.

  2. I am not understanding the goals of this program…as its a noted fact that one need to burn 3 500 calories a week ( working out ) to lose one pound….
    I aim to burn 5 000 calories a week with working out, JUST TO MAINTAIN…it gets so much harder the older one gets.

  3. That is exactly one of the reasons why I exercise at home and not in the gym. I can exercise where no one can see me and feel comfortable. I am happy that you are happy with your stats and can read that you feel so much better.

  4. I now have a Monday morning mental image of you exercising in your undies.

    I haven’t really been following everyone on this challenge but from what I did see, you definitely blogged about it the most – that should also count in my opinion.

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