Weigh-Less… Erm…

I’m not going to weigh in today.

scale7I know I shouldn’t miss a weigh-in, but a weekend of cheating because we were away, and then a 27 Dinner last night means I am 110% sure I have gained the weight I had lost at last week’s weigh-in, and then some.

I have decided to get back on the wagon as of this morning and see if I can’t reverse the dietary damage I’ve done before next week Wednesday’s weigh-in.

9 thoughts on “Weigh-Less… Erm…

  1. I also skipped weigh in this week – there must be something in the air.

    This weighing less thingy is not for the fainthearted!

  2. You might find that you don’t see the effects of a cheat straight away anyhoo. A tiny bit of cheat is good for the soul I think? 😉

  3. I don’t blame you. I also avoid the scale when I’ve been bad, but I will keep persevering! (I think I might dodge the scale on Saturday as well!)

  4. I get it. I haven’t weighed in for 2 weeks now. Two weeks ago I was sick and I just wasn’t worried about the way I was eating so I decided to skip weigh-in. This past Saturday our weigh-in was cancelled because my group leader has the chicken pox. Can you believe it?
    I am going back on Saturday and for this week I put myself back onto Step 1. I BETTER lose weight this week.

  5. I totally understand – with A2 being in hospital twice and the week in between, I skipped about a month of proper weighlessing, by mainly living on hospital coffee shop food. I went to weigh in on Monday, and needless to say, I picked up all the weight I’d lost so far.

    It’s very disheartening.

    But also, as of yesterday, we are hopefully back on track again. I must just remember to eat my breakfast at home…

    Good luck and much strength and love!

  6. oh honey! I know how hard it is!!! Good luck and keep thinking positive 🙂

    The TTD shoot with Sharon was lovely, you look SO gorgeous!!

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