A Surprising Memory

This morning I was reading Jenty’s most recent post and in it she spoke of how she stressed when her eldest got left behind at school by the lift service they’ve just started using.

I completely felt her anguish as it happened to the knucklehead once too, but I suddenly remembered something that happened to me when I was still in primary school.

I have always had a problem with over reacting. Its something I do. I do it less and less as my son gets older, and I learned ways of controlling my tendency to over react when I was on ADs for a few years as well.

My sister B was a couple of years behind me at school, so when I was in grade 3 she was in grade 1. Naturally I felt responsible for her and looked after her as much as I could. We lived quite a distance from the school as it was the nearest English medium school to our home, and we caught a bus to and from the school. One afternoon, the bus arrived at the school gate and the waiting children filed onto the bus. I was in the line with my school case when I realised my sister B wasn’t in the line with me! I frantically yelled to the driver for the bus to wait and I started searching the school at a run, calling and calling my sister’s name. I managed to delay the bus for several minutes while I ran around like a chicken without a head and I knew the bus was going to want to leave  so I headed back, in tears, and figured I’d try and see what I could do when I got home. I sat on the bus, the centre of attention, surrounded by concerned faces, crying and worrying about my little sister, and then it hit me!

Sister B was at home! She was sick in bed and hadn’t been at school that day!

I was mortified and I don’t remember what happened the next day, but I do remember that I stopped crying almost instantly. I did not, however, tell anyone the truth! I was too embarrassed!

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