I Just Want To Share…

Yesterday I spent the morning in a hospital waiting room with my granny darling. She is on the military medical aid, so its hurry up and wait, and often when we go its a whole day even with an appointment!

The previous times we’ve been there I have noticed that the kidlets waiting with their mommies have absolutely nothing to do, the moms don’t bring anything and there’s nothing in the waiting room- not even magazines. And when you’re there for hours, the children get very bored and whiny.

When I pack a bag to go with my gran, I take a big bag and I pack magazines and sometimes snacky stuff for us as well, coz I know we’ll be sitting for a while. Yesterday I was packing my big bag and I discovered a packet of balloons still in the bag from when we did our family photoshoot a while ago. I left them in my bag for just in case (and now you know why my family calls my handbags “black holes”).

Once we’d been sitting for about 40 minutes, I blew up a bright yellow balloon. A little boy across the room from us was watching me with eyes as big as saucers and when I held out the balloon his mommy nudged him and said he could fetch it. I reckon he was about 4 years old, and he ran across the room with a HUGE smile on his face and said “thank you” as he took it from me! He ran back to his mommy and when his back was to me I blew up another one. He turned around and grinned and fetched that one too. Now his arms were full! Then he was throwing them and kicking them and his mommy was batting them back to him with her hand and I blew up another one, dropping it on the floor. Then another little boy appeared from around the corner and watched this happening so I blew up another one and offered it to him. His eyes lit up and he ran to fetch it from me!Β It was so cute!

These kidlets were now laughing and giggling and I kept blowing up balloons and after a while there were about 10 balloons and people sitting around the room were batting them back at the kidlets and everyone was smiling at their antics!

I s’pose there may have been a few people who got annoyed with the noise, but it made me smile.

…come play on my roller coaster

22 thoughts on “I Just Want To Share…

  1. Kudos to you and your brilliant thinking! I always go prepared for waits and have wondered about the many illprepared parents in those situations. Why to help the team. Sorry for my absence!!! I have been reading you! You are never forgotten or far from my smartphone πŸ˜€
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  2. That is so awesome. Sheena can you teach me too? I have a morbid fear of tying (and blowing) balloons because they always pop and scare the daylights out of me.

  3. Wonderful!how blessed those people were to have you as part of their life for that time! It was a small thing you did that created a lovely ripple effect! …you just made my face wet too!

  4. Angel you are my real life version of Willy Wonka. Serryarse. I just love your passion for humans, my friend. Little ones and big ones.

    Jess, I can teach you – years of being a Spur waitress means I can tie balloons with my eyes closed!
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  5. That is so great! I often have an extra pad & pen handy for when mine get bored places. Makes me want to bring balloons too.. just in case! My secretary (she’s 67 year, packs an oxygen tank & is wonderful) gives the kids bottles of bubbles when they’re good πŸ™‚
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