A List Of My Favourites

I’m a tad behind *coff* on blogging and reading, and this nifty little meme made for some perfect blog fodder! It was started by Jenty and its spreading fast!


Take a look at A Bit Of This A Bit Of That, Juggling Act Of Life, Seize The ChocolateHarassed Mom and intermittentblogger’s versions!

Favourite Song James Brown’s “I Feel Good”

Favourite Shop I LOVE Pick n Pay!

Favourite chocolate a Snickers bar!!

Favourite cookies I like Oreos the best!! 🙂

Favourite food ah, now this is a long list… junk, fast, instant… do those count? I adore pasta, rice, potatoes and all kinds of bread! Everything that’s bad for me! And veggies. And seafood.

Favourite meal that I make macaroni cheese! I make it the way my daddy taught me and it’s divine!

Favourite flower ranunculus and peonies!

Favourite colour to wear I wear a lot of black and purple.

Favourite shoes my sueded Alice Crocs! Seriously! I have a brown pair and a black pair and I live in them, except when I’m baking when I wear my Nikes.

Favourite drink Cherry Coke!! Oh lawdy I love that stuff!

Favourite lens I want a “nifty fifty”, but I have a 75-300 that I love to use!

Favourite place to walk… I walk the dogs in the street around where we live. I would love to take them to some off leash parks but we have to conquer Thelma’s carsickness first.

Favourite place to take the kids well, my knucklehead and I used to LOVE mall crawling… we still do! Window shopping, snacking, music and book stores, movies… we loved the zoo and such too.

Favourite coffee for every day at home Ricoffy

Favourite coffee shop Ooh, Seattle coffee!!

Favourite pizza place Pizza Chicken Perfect or Cappuccinos!

Favourite place to take photos wherever I can! I have started carrying my camera with me more and more again.

Favourite place for holidays the Cape, hands down!

Favourite yoghurt the Pick n Pay Vanilla Fat Free!!

Favourite man my Glugster of course! I often have to pinch myself coz I’m so happy!

Favourite iPhone app I’m a BB slut myself and I don’t use many of the apps apart from Twitter for BB and the Facebook app.

Favourite website ooh that’s easy! Pinterest! I love how looking at someone’s boards and pins gives you a glorious picture of their taste in décor or clothing or some such!

Feel free to do this one too if the fancy takes you!

…come play on my roller coaster

10 thoughts on “A List Of My Favourites

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  2. i’m stealing this for tomorrow’s blogpost!!!
    never quite liked cherry coke, had it when i was in germany, found it just tastes like cola :/
    when you are in cpt again we MUST do a meet up!
    cupcake mummy recently posted…sprouting new leavesMy Profile

  3. Also looking for a good mac & cheese as I am craving comfort food in this weather. When I was pg with my Tween I ate a snickers bar every single day. Even in the hospital while I was in labour. I LOVED it! And I have never been able to eat it since then.
    Julia recently posted…Blog Etiquette-RulesMy Profile

  4. I want some of your mac & cheese. Making me hungryyy!! And cherry coke is soo yummy. Butch & I love to window shop. I want to try those shoes though! Twin has some similar one she loves… The part by the toes tends to hurt my feet though. They look super cute and would be great for summer! And real crocs are super comfy! I’ve never had an iphone, had a bb and looved it, but now have an el cheapo phone — miss the bb. 🙁
    I wish my puppy got carsick, he insists on going on all drives with us. Stubborn little guy 🙂
    becky recently posted…After HaircutsMy Profile

  5. Car sick doggies are the worst. Poor Thelma! I’ve been lucky that none of my furkids get car sick but I’ve had the pleasure of being in a car with one that did. And they can’t even shout “Mom stop the car!”

    I love your favourite song 🙂
    alidaonline recently posted…My Favourite ThingsMy Profile

  6. Yay at you taking your camera travelling with you :)) Love that you did this… and please send me the macaroni recipe… I’m looking for a good one
    Jenty recently posted…What is a sacrificeMy Profile

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