I Will Be Doing The Slutwalk!

Will you join me!??!

Sandi Schultz- Sass as I know her– tweeted a link a few weeks ago to an article on something called a Slutwalk that took place in Toronto. I was intrigued and aghast as I read the post. The movement was started in answer to a Canadian policeman telling students that to avoid being raped women should not dress like sluts! Students and staff at the law school were outraged and the “slutwalk” was born with a mind boggling 3000 women marching in the first Toronto Slutwalk! It has now become an international phenomenon and Sass has taken on the task of arranging the first Johannesburg Slutwalk!

What is Slutwalk? Its a movement to make a start in changing the culture of blaming the victims of rape! The simple truth is that you can be 8 or 80. You can be dressed head to toe, or in your underwear. You can be home or out and about. Everyone is at risk of being raped. And rape survivors are routinely blamed for what happened to them! Think about the women you know. In South Africa, the statistics state that one-in-nine women are rape survivors. One woman in every nine!! I’m pretty damn sure you know more than nine women, which means you most likely know more than one rape survivor. How many women do you know who are rape survivors? Did they deserve to be raped? Does it matter what they were wearing!? Was it their fault!?

You can wear whatever you like, be it a mini-skirt or your PJs- the point of the Slutwalk is not what you wear. The point is to come and make a unified statement about sexual assault and victims’ rights and demand respect for all. Blame the perpetrator, not the victim! This quote from Where Is Your Line illustrates beautifully what this is about: Whether you personally choose to reclaim the word “slut” or not is sort of irrelevant since embracing sluthood is not a prerequisite to protest rape and rape apologism.  SlutWalk is an exercise of solidarity: everyone is at risk to sexual violence until our culture gets it shit together, stops teaching that sex is evil, and starts teaching that rape is wrong.

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