The Amazing Race – Ford Style!!!

I am SO excited bunnies!!!

Next Tuesday morning, Anelle- of Cow’s Corner– and I are setting off on an adventure with Ford South Africa!

Its an Amazing Race style challenge called “The Ford Figo TDCi Rallywhere Anelle and I are given a starting point and sent on our way to look for clues!! I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t ‘coz I don’t know any more than that at this point!! Here’s what I got from Ford so far:

in a nutshell, you and your buddy will be competing in a rally that’ll take you from… Johannesburg… to a mystery location in a day. You’ll be given a new Nokia N8 or C7 phone to use throughout the journey, to update the rest of Ford’s fans on Facebook, navigate your route, and communicate with your competitors and the crew. Oh – and you’ll have a car, of course, with a single tank of diesel. OH LAWDEE BUNNIES!!! A little hint: your main challenge will be all about eco-driving. Fuel tanks will be sealed… All we can tell you… is that you’ll need to board a plane at some point, and that we promise to get you right back to where you started 24 hours after you’ve set off.

I ask you with tears in my baby blue eyes bunnies- how much more fun could a couple of petrol heads have in a day!??!

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And now, you MUST go and join the Ford Facebook page that I linked to in the beginning of this post so you can follow our progress on the day.

14 thoughts on “The Amazing Race – Ford Style!!!

  1. can’t wait to hear how it went!!!!!! you havta call me tonite!!!

  2. OMG so, *so* jealous!! How did you guys get onto this – I would totally sign up for the next one!!
    Hope you have a blast!
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