Why Consider Meds!?

All too often in the years since my son was diagnosed, I have wondered if medicating him is the right thing to do, even when I saw the good results with my own eyes! Second guessing ourselves seems to be something that parents to ADHDers are cursed to do forever.
I get asked over and over again- by parents of ADHDers, by people who don’t have children yet, even during casual conversation- whether medicating a child diagnosed with ADHD is the answer, or the right thing to do.
I cannot tell you how many times I have wished my son could tell me what the difference is for him, how he feels on meds and how he feels off meds. I have wished over and over again that I could read his mind, especially since he’s not a big talker.
Reading blogs written by adults with ADHD gives me some insight into the battles my son has faced and will still go through, and I get a little glimpse into what he may be thinking and feeling.
I’m not a doctor. I’m not a shrink or a counsellor. I’m not a professional anything. And I often have a hard time answering that question “Why medicate?” Its not the WHOLE answer for anyone, and for some children its not even a part of the answer. But for a lot of children- and adults- its a very real part of a very real solution.
In this blog post by Zoë Kessler (who is fast becoming one of my favourite adult ADHDer bloggers), 42 year old “Ken” sent an email to Zoë after he was newly diagnosed and started his treatment in which he said: “Started Concerta yesterday. Well. Normal people have it f*cking easy don’t they? Amazing.” And then Zoë mentioned how often she thought, “They should have drowned me at birth.
It just broke my heart!
I found myself instantly praying that my son had never thought that about himself! I know my son battled at school, and still battles in social situations and the like, but seeing it in words like that makes me wish I had done more to help my son! Can you imagine a child- one who does not battle with depression- thinking that they would be better off dead!?! Children with ADHD know there’s something different about them, but the nature of the society we live in means they are all too often labelled as trouble makers, failures or naughty from a very early age, and if you tell someone the same thing often enough they come to believe it.
If you are a parent- or you are simply someone who cares- and you wonder whether medication is the right thing to make a part of your ADHDers treatment, I implore you to put aside your concerns about being ridiculed and judged, and imagine the repercussions of not considering every option when it comes to treating your child’s disorder. When medication is properly prescribed and monitored it can be a hugely successful and important part of treating ADHD in adults and children.
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  1. Parenting is so hard already, without having to deal with special needs. Thank goodness there are people like you out there ready to offer support and advice.
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  2. Look, it’s amazing that you even think about it..that’s all your child needs really, others can’t do this type of thinking..

    He won great parenting
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  3. As always, Thanks. Having one of my own (and hubby swears the child gets it from me…) & reading these insights from those that have been there & aren’t preachy about it is very comforting. 🙂
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