One of my favourite pastimes, is going into a place like the Crazy Store and reading the translated slogans and descriptions on the toys and some of the other products they sell! I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites from a recent excursion!

This is a photo album! I could find nothing on the box that referred to it having a scent… but I could be wrong. It says “SWEET MEMORY Youth keeps the flying times in your sweet and young flowers with strong fragrance.

We bring the whole world in your eyes

And the next ones are all toys! I giggled my head off while strolling the shop, and anyone who has ever been out in public with me will know I am incapable of laughing quietly and politely!


These ones are self explanatory I think… 😀

And these are a little blurry as the phone camera doesn’t like getting too close, so I’m going to transcribe them for you…

Inspire their intelligence growth continuously, let them even have the advantage in 21 centuries!

Clap hands for our children

Pleased Beneficial New edition

These buildingses piece, is a safe and waterproof and intensire material, The not poisnous foam makes into.

Please take up your toys, exerting your consciousness of virescence, Lets play on the top of your bent.


“CELERITY RACERS OF SWORD POWER double spring dynamical configuration”

Hi! be possessed of the cartoon track train by your self! New cartoon styles. Some colours.

My character I make the decision!

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  2. Love doing this too! And luckily for me I stay really close to China Town so I can pop in any time I am having an off day for a few laughs!

  3. I LOVE these,one of the best I have seen on glittery wrapping paper was “Suffler the large businessman to like”..Im still dying to know what “suffler” is!!

  4. Man, you would LOVE China and Thailand.
    Although some of the Thai signs are pretty creepy especially round the Kho San Road in Bangkok (a lot about ladyboys, diseases and drugs).
    the jackson files recently posted…InsultsMy Profile

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