Sister C’s Baby Shower!

Sister B, my mommy darling, and myself started planning and working on sister C’s baby shower a couple of months ago already, Candy sent us a guest list and off we went!

When you think of a baby shower, you immediately think tea and snacky things, and maybe champers or wine, and sitting watching the mom-to-be open her gifts to endless choruses of “aaawww” and “that’s so kyooot”, and we were determined that this would not be the case for sister C’s party!!

When it comes to organising parties and such I am in my element, and I think this was a big success! Everyone went home smiling! Sister B, mommy darling and myself worked our butts off and we loved it! And sister C knew about the shower because we wanted her to have the opportunity to dress nicely and put make up on and such if she wanted to, so it wasn’t a surprise party, but she had no idea what all we’d been planning for her (I am personally averse to surprising- and possibly embarrassing- a mom to be at a time in her life when she’s likely to be feeling her worst)!

Since sister C’s having a little boy, we decided on a blue and green colour scheme, incorporating baby Lincoln’s bug-themed nursery into the decor, and decided we would do our best to transform our mom’s enclosed stoep into a different place. We found inspiration for the decor in several different places (including Pinterest of course) and decided to do as much of it as we could with our own hands! I took a huge round paper lantern and covered it with doilies to make it look like a kind of giant, hanging flower! I also made bunting- little flags hanging from a long ribbon- using several different wrapping papers and a white ribbon that was then strung across the ceiling. Sister B made three exquisite “flower” balls using blue, white and green cupcake liners and polystyrene balls! She says she’ll never do them again, but they looked stunning placed on the top of three tall vases on the table. We put all the decor more or less in a line down the centre of the tables, with white table cloths using green and blue paper as a runner. There were white doilies on top of the paper “runner” with various cake stands and cupcake stands in a line down the middle, and the table was strewn with baby-themed confetti. Bunches of blue, green and white helium balloons were tied to the cupcake stands. We had little glass jars filled with jelly tots and a bug sticker on the lid, with a baby rattle-shaped “thank you” tag tied to them as part of the decor and as favours for the guests. Mommy darling and sister B both made buggy mobiles that were hanging from the ceiling amongst the bunting and the baby clothes washing line!

There were also printed papers on the table  that people could complete phrases on, as messages from the to baby Lincoln.

We had a guest book in which we asked people to write a message for sister C, her other half and their baby Lincoln, as well as asking that they list as much as they could remember of what was in their gifts! This way sister C knows who gave her what and we didn’t have to try and keep track whilst she was opening everything!

The game prizes were wrapped in green and white or blue and white striped tissue paper in clear cellophane, and then a green striped parcel was tied with a blue and white spotted ribbon, and a blue striped parcel was tied shut with a green and white spotted ribbon!

We had games planned- half of which I forgot about whilst we were doing the decorating so I coulda kicked myself! The one game started when the guests began arriving and lasted until the last pressie was opened! For this don’t-say-the-word game, each guest was issued with 3 clothes pegs that we had painted in a blue glittery paint and stuck little bugs to, and if you said “baby”, “pregnancy” or “caesarean” you lost your peg to someone who was listening for the banned words! The winner at the end of the day was the person with the most pegs! This provided much laughter as people’s pegs were snatched- mostly for the word “baby”! Once sister C had opened some of her pressies we played a game of pin-the-sperm-on-the-egg! We blindfolded the guests, they had a paper sperm shape with their name written on it and they had to find the “egg” stuck to the window! It was a scream! 😀 We realised too late though, that the blindfold was see-thru so we gave the prize to the person who was worst since they had closed their eyes!! 😛 Then sister C opened some more pressies before we called time for another game as well as topping up tea cups and such, and then played guess-how-many with a jar filled with jellybeans! We passed the jar around and each guest had a turn to examine it before we had everyone say how many they thought were in the jar! Sister C actually came closest but gave her prize to one of her guests. 🙂

By the time all the pegs had been divvied up at the end of the party, our winner had 15 of them! And sister C had half a ton of presents to cart home with her!

The digital invitation was made for us by Tanya from Snapping Turtle Design and she got it spot on!

There was a seven layer rainbow cake topped with sugar paste babies and covered in white vanilla butter icing, and cupcakes with sugar paste bugs on supplied by my alter-ego, The Cupcake Lady! Sister C’s family-in-law brought a whole lot of snacky things!

My sweet sister C, we had so much fun planning your party and we had so much fun making it awesome for you! We can’t wait to meet baby Lincoln, our little jellytot!

…come play on my roller coaster…

16 thoughts on “Sister C’s Baby Shower!

  1. Looks amazingly fantastic! Agree with JacksonFiles: you have a wonderful family!
    Love the decor and the rainbow cake!
    Gorgeous job 🙂

  2. Firstly, despite you being personally averse, the surprise you gave me at my baby shower was muchness of awesomeness! 😀

    This looks like the most awesome baby shower EVER! I LOVE the cupcake cup ball thingies! The games sound fantastic!

    I’m uber jealous that I couldn’t be there…the food looks to-die-for!

    Well done on a smashing party!
    acidicice recently posted…Pilates vs. YogaMy Profile

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the decorations and the rainbow cakes is really gorgeous. And look like everyone had a great time. This is one of the most beautiful baby showers I’ve seen!
    Cayla recently posted…Green SmokeMy Profile

  4. Wow! Between the description, gorgeous phoos an a brilliant party and all your planning you are amazing! I would live to successfully adopt and have one throw me a shower as great as that! You are an awesome sister! Tell C congrats from around the world!
    Darla recently posted…wordy much?My Profile



  6. I love that Sister C knew about it. I’d also rather know than be surprised in my jammies 🙂

    Sounds like a great time was had by all.
    alidaonline recently posted…HackersMy Profile

  7. awww…you guys are such an awesome family full of love.

    Did you make all the sugar bugs on the cakes because they are sooooo gorgeous?
    The Jackson Files recently posted…SuckMy Profile

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