Capturing memories on your Windows Phone 7

As promised, Microsoft would like to help you unlock more functionality on your Windows Phone 7!

As we head into the weekend, you’re bound to want to capture some special moments with family and friends. With your Windows Phone 7 so much is possible. Whether your child is doing something cute, your friends are doing something funny, you’re heading off to the Durban July, or you’re hoping to one day become a National Geographic photographer, you are able to capture those special moments and share them with your world using your Windows Phone 7.

What’s more is that even when the device is in standby mode, by pressing the camera button you go straight into capture mode – don’t miss that moment!


We’d love to see your pics, so please share them with us and let us know your first impressions!


Pictures Hub

The Pictures Hub is Windows Phone’s digital version of those pictures in your wallet. Show off all the pictures you took with the camera on your phone, saved from an email, text message, or off of the web, or downloaded from your PC.




Pictures hub with phone overlay shows how you can flick right or left to find a section

Pictures mosaic – A showcase of local pictures from your All view. The mosaic of picture-perfect moments changes every 5th time you turn on your phone. If you sync your phone using the Zune software before you visit the Pictures Hub, you’ll see your pictures here when you arrive.

What’s New – These are the latest pictures your friends and family uploaded to Windows Live or Facebook.

Picture collection – You can view your pictures and videos by album, date, or favourites. When you add a picture as a favourite as part of your Favourites album, you can then pin that album to Start.

Hub background – Tap and hold anywhere in the Hub to change the background or let us do it for you using any of your pictures. Either way, changing the background will also change the Pictures tile on Start.

Zune software – Sync files with my phone to move pictures from your PC into albums on your phone and vice versa.


When you go to the Pictures Hub for the first time, you’ll see 8 pictures from the 7folder. To see a mosaic of your own pictures here, you need to tap and hold the 7folder to delete it. The Pictures Hub will now randomly pull in pictures from your Camera Roll as well as albums you sync from your PC or your social networking sites.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for these brilliant tips. I didn’t know that there’s a mosaic photo application in my Windows phone 7. I love making mosaic out of different pictures. I definitely will have more time using the different photo apps on the my phone. thanks for posting.
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  2. You are very busy with the phone push missy! I’m glad it is such a fantastic toy … sadly one unavailable in my neck of the woods … but that’s ok. We’ll make do with tin cans and string. Do it OLD skul!

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