A Bit Of A Brain Dump

My blog has become terribly neutral and impersonal hasn’t it… cellphones, cars, ADHD…


I was trying to work out why I seldom blog about me personally anymore. Since I started this as a place to talk about raising my son, I should be blogging about him, and about my life.


Shouldn’t I?


And then it struck me.


When I blog about my knucklehead now it kinda feels like I am gossiping about him. And now that he is spending time with biodad* and stepmom* I want to blog even less about our ups-and-downs… the situation with that side of the knucklehead’s life is a little complicated and I don’t want to make it more so. And password protected posts make me neurotic and I hate that I can’t share everything with the people who have been reading me forever… simply because the world is so very small.


And anyone who has read my blog long enough will know that I don’t blog about my relationship with my Glugster apart from bragging about how spoilt I am… We’ve been married for 11 months and I adore him. I love that I am his wife. We have still yet to have a fight- after three and a half years together. We have disagreements- we’re not clones of each other after all- but they’re usually short-lived and don’t turn into actual fights. And when I’m wrapped in his arms it’s still my happy place. Things were different here at home for us for a while. My sweetheart was between jobs for a couple of months and it stressed me terribly! I knew we’d be fine and he’d find a new job, but anyone who’s been in this situation will know that nothing happens fast.


And I blog less when I stress!


I am still baking up a storm as my alter-ego, and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I’m working on a to-do list to expand my range of recipes and goodies on offer. I’m taking an icing class which is a lot of fun, but I don’t know any of the women in the class so I am the quiet-knuckle-down-to-work-don’t-talk-much Angel… I’m not a mingler and it takes me a loooong time to open up unless I am with at least one person I already know. They didn’t even know I’m “The Cupcake Lady” until I’d been there for a month! I am very definitely 2 different people when it comes to letting people “in”…


I’m still officially on Weigh-Less, but I’m not actually making any progress… we haven’t been shopping properly for groceries and I have completely lost focus on even going to the weekly weigh-in! When it comes to self-control and food, I fall off the wagon badly. So the ticker on my side-bar hasn’t moved in weeks, and not because I’m not updating it.




A long ass blog post that actually says fork all.


Sorry bunnies…
*these are NOT derogatory terms


12 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Brain Dump

  1. Yeha – happy to discover I am in good company. It is terrible when I feel I have to blog instead of the words tumbling out of me as a kind of personal therapy! And it seems to be happening more and more…
    Mark recently posted…Just 100 minutesMy Profile

  2. I have to ditto what Rebecca said!!!!!! I feel like our class of bloggers have reached matric and are being replaced by a new class!!!

  3. I know how you feel… But for me there is so much I want to say but I just can’t find the words. I hope you’re able to take a little time out to sit down and pour your heart out…

  4. I’m with you on this one. My blog topics also have gone from what is going on in my life to so much weight loss things. I think it has to do with the fact that weight loss at this moment is something big in my life and inbetween I do blog about family things.
    But nevertheless, I still love to read what you write.
    blackhuff recently posted…Feeling ashamedMy Profile

  5. It also takes me a while to let people in and I also blog less when I’m stressed.

    I know EXACTLY what you were going through with a husband out of work. Its kills their ego and puts stress on the relationship. I had it twice last year and R was out of work for 6 months of the year. We’re still trying to crush debt we racked up then.
    A Daft Scots Lass recently posted…Caption My Freaky Photo Competition #14My Profile

  6. I remember when you and Glugs first found each other. It was around the same time I found my other half.

    I remember reading the updates on your blog and feeling the happiness of a new beginning. But what I love the most is how comfortable you’ve both become with each other. The way you write about him is like he’s always been there. Its nice to read about the two of you every so often. 🙂 Tell us the story again!

    I totally agree with you about blogging less when stressed! I do the same. There’s so much I’d like to write about but for some reason I lose interest fast. I can always rely on coming back to the blogging world and having something to read on your page though. Selfish of me, I know!

    Yeah a long comment… no solid subject either!
    elise recently posted…Micro-BossMy Profile

  7. We all come to a stage where we are not that personal and that’s ok too. And I also do not post about my and the DH relationship – it is a happy one, and I feel way too personal and just between the two of us.
    cat@juggling act recently posted…I won! A lot of books.My Profile

  8. I could hug you right now because this is exactly how I feel.

    I read some of my old blog posts where I would write about issues of the day and my take on them and so on and now all I can manage is a meme. And then only if I’m feeling particularly verbose.

    I hope blog-funk passes.
    alidaonline recently posted…I don’t wanna anymoreMy Profile

  9. you’ve still lost 4kgs though…
    It seems to me that the old-time bloggers (for want of a better word) are all going through this. Still the beautiful thing about the internet is that there are always new fresh-faces ready to step up and take over.
    Still, having said that, I kinda miss reading about everyone’s drama and joy and heartache and fights and streams of consciousness.
    the jackson files recently posted…SuckMy Profile

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