Old Notebook Entries…

These are from 2007 I think… I may even have blogged them before but when I found an old notebook that used to live in my handbag I was surprised by some of the scribbles I found in it.

I think I’m going to be posting snippets from the book for a while.


What is the restaurant etiquette when you see someone you know but do not join their table. Is it okay to greet and smile and then ignore them? Is it rude to ignore them when there’s a child at the table who makes a point of waving and smiling almost constantly!?


How do you “write off” a dysfunctional friendship or one-sided friendship? No longer contacting the person in any shape or form should be enough right? What if- after months of nothing from them- you stop sending emails and text messages and suddenly they start sending you stuff again. Do you ignore everything and maintain your zero tolerance stance?


What is queue protocol? When I took the knucklehead to see Wallace & Gromit there was one queue for the snacks but space for three queues. There was a family behind me who decided to ‘open’ one of the other queue lanes. When they had been standing there for some time someone mentioned that it wasn’t actually a queue… the line I was in having moved forward in that time. This family then reclaimed their place in line right behind me. There followed a polite… erm… discussion  with the people they had now pushed in front of. They shoulda gone to the back of the queue right?

7 thoughts on “Old Notebook Entries…

  1. okay, here’s my take 🙂

    1. I always say hello because it feels uncomfortable not to and all the “are they ignoring me?” things start flaring up. But after the hello, we get on with our life and ignore waving kids as others should ignore ours!

    2. oy! I like to know that I’ve been excommunicated otherwise I keep trying… I’ve only had this once – my friend cut me off cold. It hurt bad…

    3. I blame the cashiers. They can see the people going in the wrong queue and should say, “excuse me, the queue is here” but I’d let them in.

  2. #2 hits home for me write now. Add on: what if after months of ignoring you.. the friend decides to write messages on your social-website-page for all to see “what happened to my bff? r we not bff’s anymore??”
    becky recently posted…I-Know-u-r-but-what-am-iMy Profile

  3. LOL! I love the way you think!

    Re: 3rd thought: no, someone should’ve explained to them immediately that it wasn’t a line. Then again, they should’ve asked if they could start a new queue.
    SheBee recently posted…Protected: I’m a bargainerMy Profile

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