Last night, my Glugster and I attended the Johannesburg 27Dinner. It was great to go again ‘coz its been far too long since we attended one.

The Crowne Plaza is a fabulous venue, and the “new” 27Dinner format of having everyone inside an auditorium for a couple of presentations is a winner IMHO. It so beats trying to get everyone’s attention when they’re chatting at a dinner table or across a bar. This time, instead of sponsored wine and delicious finger snacks like we had the last time we attended a 27Dinner (a few months ago), this time we had a sit down, three course dinner. The food was pretty damn good, but the staff in the Crowne’s restaurant did not impress me at all. The bills did not arrive with the drinks, which caused immense confusion when several bills were brought in quick succession and no-one was sure who had paid who for what. And then the waitrons were standing at our table having a loud and heated discussion with each other about what was not yet paid for and who had taken the cash. This was- quite frankly- inexcusable.

The evening was supposedly sponsored by Intel, but I’m not sure how as I reckon R25 for a glass of wine and R18 for a 200ml Coke is horrendous!! We went home fairly thirsty…

The speakers were above the bar! Really well done Mike Stopforth and team!

The first speaker was Eric Edelstein and he spoke on “Why he lived in Silicon Valley for the last 4 months, and what he discovered?” It was very interesting to hear about how the people he met there had turned his way of thinking about business, on its head.

Then we heard from Dean Oelschig on “The Role of Traditional Advertising in the Digital Era”. Traditional media is dead. Traditional media is thriving. And fence-sitting.

Both Eric and Dean has us listening and laughing.

If you have not yet attended one, 27Dinner is well worth checking out if you want to meet and listen to some interesting people you might not bump into in your everyday life.

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  1. The overall experience, minus the service, sounded like a great time! I will have to look into things like that as we move around.

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