Jock of the Bushveld!

Last Thursday night, we were invited to attend the premiere of Jock of the Bushveld in 3D!!

My Glugster and I were attending as blogger ambassadors for Kitty and Puppy Haven and we were treated to a proper glitzy event let me tell you! There were several SA celebrities mingling with the masses too- Lady Lea, Carte Blanche’s Derek and Devi, Ashley Hayden, Lew Geffen, and Lew’s daughter Ya’el Geffen- who single-handedly organised the whole event! We were served some fabulous wine and we got to nibble on the most divine finger snacks- single serving sushi rolls in little bamboo boats with pipettes full of soy sauce and little springrolls and wraps, and cheezy bread sticks I could happily eaten a dozen of! I got to meet some of the Quirk Stars too, and I got such an awesome introduction I think they may have thought I was paying Snowgoose!! My face was on fire I was blushing so much!



Then it was time to go in and watch the movie, and we were given water, popcorn, Coke and jelly babies (or Astros) to nibble on during the movie!

Before the movie started, there was a short presentation on behalf of Kitty and Puppy Haven, and with a whole lot of donations made from members of the audience there was almost R20K raised for Kitty and Puppy Haven right there and then! It was awesome!

Then it was movie time!

I do love 3D movies, and whilst there were a few moments in the movie that seemed a little, erm, flat… (I dunno what the movie terminology would be) and the story has been considerably adapted from the book to make it kid friendly, I rather enjoyed it. I loved that I was able to identify the birds in the movie- the animation was that good! This flick is a proudly South African production, with a stellar international cast and the kids in the audience loved it! All around us we could hear the kids asking questions about the story and squealing with laughter!

After the movie, a few of the guests were lucky enough to be able to claim prizes for the lucky tickets they found on their seats, and we were given goodie bags sponsored by Hills before we set off for home!

Many thanks to Hill’s Pet Nutrition South AfricaLew Geffen Sotheby’s International RealtyQuirk and Kitty and Puppy Haven for an evening with a difference!

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9 Responses to Jock of the Bushveld!

  1. Julia says:

    Food looks divine! You are so lucky to get invited to stuff like this.
    Julia recently posted…Some people are VERY angry…My Profile

  2. I can’t see 3D – my world is flat (squint and far sighted), but I’m still dying to see the movie. I’ve seen the trailer on TV and I think its going to be pretty awesome (albeit a bit flat:-)

  3. ella says:

    Those are the coolest looking sushi boats i’ve ever seen, i bet they were good too 🙂
    ella recently posted…An Event Proposal Template You Can UseMy Profile

  4. So now I am for sure taking the Princess!
    cat@juggling act recently posted…I guess you are all rather tired of hearing about the sleep thing…My Profile

  5. blackhuff says:

    I am glad that you enjoyed the whole event.
    I did not like the movie at all. I think it is because I loved the original Jock of the Bushveld more – it just did not do it for me in animation.
    blackhuff recently posted…I just wonder …My Profile

  6. alidaonline says:

    You get to go to the coolest events.
    alidaonline recently posted…Messing around with my ekFoonMy Profile

  7. elise says:

    They should serve sushi and wine at the movies all the time!

    I’m not too great with 3D :S I think I need to get my eyes tested. Things don’t seem to pop out enough for me. The depth of the screen is great but as for things “coming out of the screen” I don’t see it!
    elise recently posted…“if anyone has any reason why this couple should not be joined in matrimony, let them speak now.”My Profile

  8. BiancaW says:

    Flip! That food looked awesome!!

    Quick question. I remember JOTB being hectically sad. Was it? I have little babes – 4 and 6, and will be taking them, but am concerned about my memory of it.


    • Angel says:

      Hey BiancaW
      They have adapted the story to make it kid friendly, and it has no age restriction as far as I know so I think it should be cool to take the kidlets to see it. Most of our audience the other night was young children.