Old Notebook Entries…

These scribbles are from 2006/ 2007 I think… I may even have blogged them before but when I found an old notebook that used to live in my handbag I was surprised by some of the scribbles I found in it. I think I’m going to be posting snippets from the book for a while.


First day of highschool.


Damien opted for his full winter uniform- blazer and all. It was cold, rainy and overcast- perfect.

He could barely sleep last night for excitement and this morning when I parked outside the school he got nervous, and Damien nervous is very serious and quiet… I hope no-one misinterprets.

The school kids filled the hall, parents who opted to stay were in the gallery for the assembly, where the matric learners would usually sit. My first thought when I stepped into the gallery was “I never got here”.

The new grade 8 learners waited outside and when they were called had to troop across the stage and down to the floor while the school screamed and cheered and whistled and clapped. The newbies were carrying their baby picture name tag posters with them as they walked and they each had a sticker on their foreheads- Damien’s was neon green (like his poster)- and others were orange. I’ll have to ask him what that means.*

The thing that struck me with Damien – he’s alone. I took almost all my grade 7 classmates to highschool with me, he knows no-one here. I pray he’ll make some new friends soon.

*I didn’t ask…


5 thoughts on “Old Notebook Entries…

  1. *sob* Grade 8. I can barely cope with the idea of Grade 1.

    I also love the notebook stuff. Do more, do more…

    PS. I want to say that I will never get used to calling Standard 6 GRADE 8, but then I’m afraid that I sound like my granny who could never call Zimbabwe anything other that Rhodesia!!
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