Why Is It…

…that these days its unusual to see someone drive like they know what the road rules are!!??!

What has happened to good manners? What became of having a little compassion and empathy? That’s really all the road rules boil down to if you give them a good hard look.

What am I getting at? Take a simple 5 minute drive to the local shopping centre for bread and milk, and see how many drivers are jumping traffic lights, ignoring no-entry signs, stopping right outside the door to the shop so they can run in and draw cash because- as you know– no one else is ever in as big a hurry as they are. Taxis stop every two hundred metres, indicators and traffic be damned. Stop streets are merely a suggestion. Eight out of ten drivers seem to have adopted the “I’ll drive like a wanker else I’ll never get anywhere” attitude and all it does is make it worse!

And there are so many people who boast about how they drive like nutcases! They openly brag about it! How often have you heard someone say “Oh but I never drive like that with my son/ daughter/ wife/ grandchildren in the car!” What about all the sons, daughters, wives and grandchildren in the cars around them!? Don’t they hear the irony!? Should someone else cause an accident and they lose a loved one they’re all but out for blood- but they will get in their car tomorrow and endanger countless other lives with the same reckless behaviour without batting an eyelid!

It takes just one person to ignore the fact that an intersection is not the place to rush into and then stop when the light is going orange- thereby blocking off the people who were supposed to be crossing that intersection at the next light change- to cause the ripples on the traffic pond that turn what could have been a perfectly flowing traffic stream into an I’m-going-to-screw-you-because-I-got-screwed disaster area!

Its now routine to perform your morning ablutions behind your steering wheel instead of getting up 10 minutes earlier to do them in your own bathroom!

Did you know, that if you sneeze when you’re driving at 120km per hour on a highway, your eyes are closed for 10 metres! Do you know how much can happen on a road in 10 metres?! And if you are texting or reading the news, or putting on make up, or eating your breakfast- how long do you think your eyes are off the road in front of you and behind you?!? Can you not put your make up on when you get to your office parking lot? Why can’t you eat your breakfast when you got to work, or take 3 minutes to do it at home before you leave!?

And you irresponsible tits who drive with your children on your laps! What the fork is wrong with you!??! Where do you think that kid is going to go if the car in front of you suddenly stops?

I have had my share of fines- I’m far from innocent- but I stick to the rules of the road because they’re there for a reason. Yes, I scream and swear in anger whilst I drive- I have a vocabulary to rival a sailor’s- but I am not going to tailgate you or cut you off because you did it to me. I am usually the one being sworn and hooted at because I am the one who decides NOT to go and sit in a congested intersection. I use my indicators. I use my mirrors.

I drive this way- sticking to the rules and trying to be polite- because my son is watching me do so. How am I supposed to teach him to have respect for the law if I don’t have any!?

You may not rob banks, or steal cars, but if you break the law when you’re behind your steering wheel you are a criminal. Plain and simple.

And do you have any idea how forking scared I am of the thought of my son being behind the wheel of a half a ton of power, with a bunch of pissed off, lunatic, criminals on our roads?!

…come play on my roller coaster…

12 thoughts on “Why Is It…

  1. Agreed!

    My SIL let’s her kid stand between the front seats of the car and doesn’t strap him in “because he doesn’t like it”. ?!?!?!? He’s the KID. She’s the ADULT! How will she feel if they have an accident and he gets hurt because she didn’t make him do something he doesn’t enjoy doing. Argh! Makes my blood boil.
    Tamara recently posted…Bullet point updatesMy Profile

  2. I live in a small town and take great joy at slowing down speeding cars on the school run by pulling in front of them and then letting every possible car pull in front of me!!! Makes them more and more furious as more and more people thank me…

    Breaking the law is breaking the law. I agree with a previous comment in that if we want our children to respect the law, we need to respect all of it and not the parts we like!
    Mark recently posted…And the right attitude winsMy Profile

  3. I cannot stand over aggressive drivers!! I yell and swear at peopl on occasion too, but I’ve gotten spoiled – my Butch drives over-cautious. I used to tease him that he drives like a paranoid grandma. But to go from driving with him, to driving with our friend who has CRAZY road rage issues and I totally appreciate Butch’s driving. And seeing kids in laps or the front seats drives me nuts! I’ve screamed at people for doing this before!!
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  4. Can I have an amen please?

    My BF was talking about this the other night. He was saying how someone had said something about “the criminals in this country” and he said but if you’ve ever jumped a red light or overtaken on a solid white line, then you’ve also broken the law. Needless to say it didn’t go down very well.

    I completely agree with you. I’m not innocent and I also have my fair share of fines which I always pay because well, you caught me doing something I shouldn’t have been doing like exceeding the speed limit. There seems to be some sort of entitlement that has become more and more apparent of late.
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  5. YES!!
    It drives me bonkers when ppl drive like idiots. Everyone wants to get to where they are going. Being an arsehole doesn’t get you there any faster!!
    Thank you for being a good example for your son. At least we know we will have ONE responsible driver on the road!

  6. It also works on my nerves when I see parents drive with children and even pets, on their laps. This causes accidents but do these people agree or listen, no.
    In my opinion it is because there is no control over drivers anymore. How many metro police officials do one actually see when one drive? I maybe see a metro police official, once a week. That’s it. Let’s be honest here, people are like children. When the cat is gone, the mouse is boss.
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  7. Driving with children on their laps?? Are you serious? What nutcas does something like that? If london wasn’t buring the police would normally stop people if their nt wearing seatbelts…
    elise recently posted…London’s BurningMy Profile

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