Two Bloggerwards!

A few months ago already, I was awarded some bloggy bling, and I’ve been such a bad blogger that I haven’t blogged them or passed them on! So not on!

I am always immensely flattered when I get bloggy bling like this! I love that someone took the time to add my URL to my name and write a sentence about just me. Thank you so very much! And I got some really flattering sentences too, check this out!


The first time I got a notification about the lovely blog award it was from Unwritten and I was blown away! Look what she wrote: Fellow ADHDer Mom. The best and MOST RESOURCEFUL ADHD Mommy blogger in SA (and I should know this because I read MANY of those types of blogs). She provides me with the most awesome behind-the-scenes support and has literally been more of a lifeline to me than she would ever know.


Then I got a notification from Caz over at Spacebook and she wrote: Angel is kind of this maternal figure to all of us. She has a massive capacity for love. Plus she’s arty and creative and drove all the way across Joburg to meet me.


And then I got a notification from Cupcakemummy and Fish and she said: mom of an ADHD child, not afraid to have her say and she loves cupcakes! Enough said…


And last but not least, I got a notification from alidaonline at Seize the Chocolate that she had given me both awards at the same time, and she wrote: This lady is the very reason I started blogging. Didn’t have a clue what blogging was until I met her.

Of course, the way all blog awards work is that you thank the award-giver (or givers if there are more than one) and link back to them in your post. Then you tell your readers seven things (or 5 or 10 or 15 things, depending on the meme) about yourself. The last step is to give this award to other bloggers, and contact those bloggers and let them know about it.

And now for seven things about me. This gets harder every time ‘coz there’s very little I haven’t blogged over the years! Let me think… Seven things… Seven interesting things… Okay. Seven things. Seven little things.

Okay. First up. I am a list person. Shopping lists. Christmas lists. Guest lists. I have a list that I use when I pack a bag to go away with, like for holidays & weekends, and if I don’t use the list I will leave something at home. The first time I made a list like this was when Damien was a baby because I always left something of his at home! Now I make them all the time, mostly using my phone.

Secondly. I have no memory when it comes to books, movies or TV series. I can read the same books over and over again, and watch movies or TV programs over and over again and I never remember how they ended, or the exact details of the story. Its like my brain has decided that if it isn’t important, it doesn’t need to remember it.

Number three. My brain never stops. I am constantly mulling over not only my own thoughts and issues but those of other people too. I have been known to send an email or a text message out of the blue with an idea or a message for someone else because something they may have been dealing with has been on my mind.

Fourth. When I was young I decided I didn’t want to have children. Simply because I was afraid to have children because I wasn’t sure I would be able to control my temper. As a teen I was prone to outbursts of anger where I would literally go blind with rage for no reason at all, and I was terrified I would hurt someone.

Fifth. I am prone to outbursts of impatience, mostly with myself. And that’s putting it very mildly. Slamming doors. Throwing things. Swearing. And just about anything can set me off! Noisy neighbours. Putting something away where I swore I would be able to find it again. Its pathetic because its so juvenile and so pointless. I have to actually concentrate and shake myself not to behave like this. For one thing, my son has learnt to behave this way from watching me and that makes me feel very guilty.

And the sixth point on this list. I am a hoarder. There. I said it. If it wasn’t for my Glugster, our house would be full to overflowing with crap. As it is, there is too much “stuff” in the house. I don’t want to elaborate too much because I am ashamed of this, but if I am left to my own devices, I would end up on one of those TV shows.

And the last point… I have a bit of a Coke habit… Regular or Zero, as long as its cold. And Cherry!? Oh lawdy yes please…


And now to pass these awards on to other bloggers… Here they are, in no particular order (and no, I didn’t check to see who has already received this award and who hasn’t).


the “One Lovely Blog Award” goes to

The Nocturnal Wenchy. If you dunno who she is then I dunno where you’ve been! She’s proper. She’s a tattooed wife, mother and friend. And recently- a cat slave.

Rantings From The Time Out Corner. An awesome mom to some wonderful boys, she also has ADHD issues to deal with and her blog posts make me laugh.

Enjoying The Small Things. I um-ed and ah-ed about including this blog on my award list… for one thing, whilst I do read her blog I almost never comment, and for me that’s odd, but with 600-odd comments on a blog post it can be a little intimidating… 😛 It is an amazing blog though. She is an incredible mom, a fabulous photographer and a wonderful writer.

Elise. After a long abscence she reappeared in my Google stream and I was ecstatic!

Cupcakemummy and Fish. Yup. I’m giving it back to her. Even my Glugster says she and I are alike and in my book that makes her uber cool… 😛


the “Versatile Blogger Award” goes to

Tamara of Doodles of a Journo. A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and a beautiful mind. She’s a freelance journalist, a wife, a Christian, a cat lover, a crafter, and a whizz in her kitchen.

Darla. She’s a tattooed military wife and a cat slave who lives in Germany, looks after wounded soldiers, she’s a hooker, and is about to set off on an adoption adventure. Um. By hooker, I mean she loves to crochet.


9 thoughts on “Two Bloggerwards!

  1. Thank you!! You’re the sweetest!! Darla already beat me at replying to this on her blog, but I’ll try and get to mine in the next couple of days. We have quite a few of these things in common!! I have to write lists for things… sad thing is that i tend to have multiple lists to make up for the multiple ones I’ve wrote and can never seem to find. Lol. And my brain NEVER stops. Butch makes fun of me for it…”Just TURN IT OFF ALREADY!!” I have bursts of impatience, and mood swings. Unfortunately I didn’t notice them until AFTER I started having kids, but since I had my first one at 19… I was still a kid than myself!
    becky recently posted…The Brady Bunch Did What?My Profile

  2. An award?? For me? Angel, you are the sweetest, impatient, over-thinker, ever 😀

    I leave shoes all over the place for people to trip over… does that count as a hoarder?
    elise recently posted…A Final F* YouMy Profile

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