Old Notebook Entries…

These scribbles are from 2006/ 2007 I think… I may even have blogged them before but when I found an old notebook that used to live in my handbag I was surprised by some of the scribbles I found in it. I think I’m going to be posting snippets from the book for a while.


What is the etiquette when blowing your nose?

I battle with hay fever, so I sneeze a lot, and I often blow my nose… but it never occurred to me to excuse myself when doing so in public!? Never once did I think to walk away and blow my nose as far out of earshot as possible! I mean, I don’t hock loogies or do these great honking snorts to clear my sinuses, but I usually blow my nose wherever I am and have done with it.


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11 Responses to Old Notebook Entries…

  1. Julia says:

    LOL…I actually do move away from people when I blow my nose. Not that I ever thought about it or anything. Just felt more comfortable for me.
    Julia recently posted…Some people are VERY angry…My Profile

  2. When ever i cant help it and already wanna blow my nose, i feel ashamed but what can i do. If i do blow my nose loud, there’s always my excuse. “I’m sick”
    Trixie Flinch recently posted…Small Business Security SystemsMy Profile

  3. Grace Blando says:

    I really appreciate this article you have shared, we all know that many people don’t care if you sneeze in public, but make sure you have your handkerchief.
    Grace Blando recently posted…how to sell timeshareMy Profile

  4. becky says:

    I never thought about this before! Too funny. With a houseful of boys myself, they like to be loud & obnoxious with all of their body functions. Their goal is to see who can shock mom. Dad encourages it…even though he tries to act like he doesn’t 😉
    becky recently posted…Not Gonna Help YouMy Profile

  5. Louisa says:

    I don’t blow quietly…at all! So for me, I’m happy to wipe my nose wherever, but I try to keep blowing for when I’m alone.

  6. alidaonline says:

    I will sometime have to tell you about nose-blowing etiquette whilst cycling.

    Personally, I don’t mind if someone sniffs or blows their nose in my presence. I do mind if someone does that snort-drag-sinus-back-into-head thing in my presence.
    alidaonline recently posted…Getting thereMy Profile

  7. James H says:

    I cant help but just making the loudest noise possible when I blow my noise, I know its childish but I really dont care!
    James H recently posted…Envirophone voucherMy Profile

  8. Gosh Angel – never thought about it but I guess I do turn away.
    cat@juggling act recently posted…Friendship and the real worldMy Profile

  9. blackhuff says:

    I usually excuse myself when I know I should blow my nose. Especially if it is not possible to walk out of ear range.
    blackhuff recently posted…What my son brought home this timeMy Profile

  10. I have never even thought about it… I suppose it would depend on how noisy the blow would be… If it were to be quiet and maybe just a wipe, then I’m sure you could just turn your head.
    JessicaGiggles recently posted…Winter is still here…My Profile

  11. Tanya says:

    oh i always try and go away when i blow my nose… even after 8 years of being with peter i at least turn away or make him look away if i can’t leave the room! LOL
    Tanya recently posted…New blog!My Profile