A Gypsy Picnic

I know I know. Don’t faint. Its an actual blog post.

This weekend past was a pretty cool one, I got to see some of the beautiful people that I don’t see enough of, and I got to tick an item off my mental bucket slash wish list!

Friday night was fairly chilled, I had a couple of cupcake orders to finish for Saturday morning so we didn’t go anywhere or anything, but I finished in good time so I wasn’t baking all night.

On Saturday afternoon- after I delivered cupcakes to Alberton and the Sandton Hilton- we took ourselves and a picnic basket to Tamara’s house- Doodles of a Journo– to celebrate her and her THC’s birthdays with a gypsy themed picnic in her garden! Almost all her guests had had a marvelous time donning scarves, bells, hoop earrings and loads of rings to fit the party theme! Whilst we snacked on strawberries and Nutella on crackers and all kinds of cheeses and finger foods on blankets on her lawn, I got to catch up with Ruby Letters and glad to be a girl, and I got to meet Tara who was visiting from her little old house in a university town in South Africa! It was a glorious few hours, and of course we can’t have the girls get together without a group pout! It really has been far too long since we got together like that…

Then we left Tamara’s place and headed for Montecasino. Even though we were literally 5 minutes drive from Montecasino when we set out, it took us well over 30 minutes to get there! There were two huge events happening there and by the time we managed to find an entrance that wasn’t blocked by security guards because the parking was full, we may as well have parked in Pretoria and walked to Monte!

But we made it.

And then I got to meet Sue Rutherford. We all but missed her Tweetup but we made it in time to spend an hour or so with her and have a cup of coffee before she headed up to her room and her, ahem, extra pillow… 😛 !

I am SO uber chuffed that I finally got to meet Sue! I make no secret of the fact that I have several girl-crushes* on women I really admire, and Sue is one of them. She’s beautiful, intelligent, successful, witty… she’s wow. And I finally got to meet her face-to-face.

Yes, I’m gushing.

Shut up.

Sunday was chilled. I went back to the Sandton Hilton to fetch my cupcake stand and then went home and climbed into bed with my Glugster and our laptops and worked on plans for things to keep The Cupcake Lady busy!


*ExMi, Shebeeliciousness, Rebecca, Heidi, Sass, Cath, B…

12 thoughts on “A Gypsy Picnic

  1. Ah Angel, it was fantastic to finally meet you! And thank you so much for the scrummylicious cupcakes, they were simply divine 🙂

  2. It was so cool to have you at our picnic. And I love that most people dressed to theme 🙂

    I can’t believe it took you so long to get to Monte! It’s less than 2km away from our house. Crazy.
    Tamara recently posted…Before and AfterMy Profile

  3. It looks like you ladies had a marvelous time and looking quite beautiful! So happy your cupcake buz is keeping you busy but not too busy to keep away from your girls!

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