A Mild Obsession…

I signed up for Pinterest a while ago. Or rather, I requested an invitation after seeing a couple of photographer friends using it and I was very quickly hooked.

That said Pinterest doesn’t suck everyone in appeal to everyone, but I love it!

What is Pinterest? Well, you know how some people have scrapbooks or notice boards into or onto which they glue and stick things they find pretty and interesting- or things related to something they are planning, like a wedding or a birthday party? Pinterest is an electronic version of those scrapbooks.

What I love about it is that I can see a recipe, or a cupcake decorating idea, or a pair of shoes, or something that I would love to have in or on my dream home one day- and rather than save it to my bookmarks I can “pin it” to one of my Pinterest boards and — wait for it — I can find it again easily because the “pin” links straight back to the URL where I found it in the first place! You can also “follow” other people’s boards and repin the links they pin to their boards if they happen to find something you like.

7 thoughts on “A Mild Obsession…

  1. Oooh I LOVE Pinterest. In order for it not to take over my life I have one day a week set aside for Pinning ALL DAY LONG. Sundays are usually my Pin Days.
    I wish that they can just allow us to mark only ONE board as private though. I’m putting gift ideas on it and those who follow me can see what they are going to get. Just ONE private board.
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  2. I repin more than pin – it’s my time out time at the office. When I need a break I get a cup of tea and sit and go through the people I follow’s recent pins and if I have time I’ll checkout the main board for everyone.

    So much of gorgeous.
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  3. I love pinterest – LOVE IT!! It has been so great for our wedding planning. I pin everything I like then D and I go through the board and decided what we both like 🙂

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