The Week In My Kitchen

It started out okay I s’pose.

Monday was spent drawing design ideas for cupcake toppers and a couple of other things I have in mind, catching up on groceries and admin, and returning a cupcake stand, and then I actually got to read a few blogs! It was pretty cool. I think I even managed to squeeze in a bit of a nap!

On Tuesday however, the wheels came off!

I had a cupcake order that was going to be collected on Tuesday afternoon, so I baked it on Tuesday morning. Killing my third hand mixer, and dropping 3 eggs and a coffee cup in the process. Eventually I was done and dusted. All 36 cupcakes. Or so I thought.

My normal work process is that I print out the invoice I send to my customers to use whilst I bake- the details of the order are on the invoice- cup colour, icing flavour, secret centres- everything is detailed very carefully and I use it as a check list whilst I bake. I didn’t do that this time. And no, I don’t know why. So the cupcakes are boxed and awaiting collection, so I pop out to Pick n Pay and the post office quickly. In Pick n Pay I spot the home made fudge that some stores sell at the tills and I suddenly realise that the order I had completed was supposed to have fudge secret centres! I quickly checked my Gmail on my BB to make sure, and then I called my customer. She was literally walking out of her office door to come to me to fetch her order! I apologised profusely and told her I would deliver them before she left for home. This was at 2pm. I raced home and redid the order, with the correct secret centres, and as they came out of the oven I stuck them in the fridge to chill faster than they would normally do. As I grab the cooling rack with the last batch of 12 very hot cupcakes to put it into the fridge, two of the cupcakes slide off and fall on the floor!!

Major bad language attack! I am so glad I’m alone in my kitchen!

Anyhoodle, the customer is someone who orders fairly often so thankfully, when I called to tell her I was going to have to replace 2 secret centre cupcakes with 4 regular cupcakes she was fine with the trade-off, and by 3:30PM I was on my way to deliver the cupcakes to her.

My Glugster’s staff were very happy to score on the cupcakes I sent to work with him the next day!

On Wednesday morning I went to my icing class, as usual, having mixed a batch of flower paste that morning with which I was going to try my hand at making an orchid. While I was mixing the icing I wasn’t terribly happy with the colour- it wasn’t nice and white- and the texture and consistency weren’t quite right. I wasn’t really worried about it because there are a few tricks to “fixing” problems like that so I thought I’d ask my teacher when I got to class. We tried everything to fix it but to no avail! More than halfway through the class I had not yet managed to do half an orchid the paste was so bad! I eventually got a little flower paste from a classmate and attempted the orchid again. After 3 attempts to do the cut outs and such I gave up! I should have stayed at home!

I didn’t bake anything the rest of Wednesday but I did deliver an order I had baked the previous day. I didn’t bake on Thursday either, and by Thursday night I was having withdrawal symptoms!!

On Friday all was back to normal! I baked for a couple of cupcake orders and I baked a birthday cake for my daddy darling! Four layers of chocolate sponge cake, sandwiched with chocolate cream cheese icing, caramel and strawberry jam, covered in chocolate butter icing and then topped with chocolate ganache and a ring of glace cherries!! We’re celebrating my dad’s birthday with a braai tomorrow at his house and I am taking the dessert! It looks fabulous!

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