Slutwalk JHB Needs You!

If you are attending Slutwalk Jhb on September 24th and you would like to make a tangible contribution, you can do so as follows.

Firstly, you can donate cash! I’m sure you can imagine that the costs and logistics of organising a walk like this- for what is hoped will be a couple of thousand people- is a massive undertaking, financially and strategically! Please please please donate to the cause! Your donation will go towards T-shirts, portaloos, public liability insurance, and so on, and right now the costs are coming out of the organisers’ pockets! Go here and make a donation- every little bit WILL help!

Bank: FNB
Account Name: SlutwalkJHB
Account Type: Savings Account
Account Number: 62325235902
Branch: Norwood Mall
Branch Code: 250655
please just use your name as a reference

Secondly, you can make a rape survivor kit. Using a handbag (it doesn’t have to be a new one if its in really good nick) put together the following care package:

  • a facecloth
  • underwear (buy something in your own size, so all the bases can be covered)
  • sanitary pads
  • something for the survivor to clean themselves with (like Wetwipes)
  • a soap and/or body cream
  • perhaps a small gift
  • and most importantly, a note of encouragement from the person who donated the bag.

The organisers will be collecting the kits at the start of the march and distributing them to rape care centres after the day. You can put anything else in the care package that you think a rape survivor would appreciate.

Please spread the word. Slutwalk is working to change mind sets all over the world! Rape and sexual assault can- by definition- not be “asked for”. And on that note, should you have an idea for a poster slogan, pop over here and leave a comment- or Tweet it!

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  1. I’ve never heard of these kits either!

    I’ve said this before, but I love this cause. It handles a problem that is world wide and effects people from all classes and backgrounds.
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