And The Winner Is…

…can you hear the drumroll!?!

I can hear it!!!

Believe it or not, there were only of the two correct entries – Trevor and Colleen! And the winner (by me closing my eyes, turning my head and putting my finger on the screen) is



Colleen Gray


And the correct answer was in fact 1981 – Riverdance has its roots in a three-part suite of baroque-influenced traditional music called “Timedance” composed, recorded and performed for the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest, which was hosted by Ireland.

Colleen, please email me your full name and mobile number so I can make the ticket arrangements for you!

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3 Responses to And The Winner Is…

  1. Tertia says:

    What a small world – Colleen is a friend of mine! We went to junior school together. Xx

  2. Congrats.
    A Daft Scots Lass recently posted…I like my Mary bloodyMy Profile