Now I Want To Tap Dance!

That is so like me!

I am occasionally appalled at how easily I can be influenced by advertising gimmicks and the like… but only occasionally.


I am the person who HAS to have something simply because it is in gawjiss, sparkly packaging. I am the person who buys all the goodies cleverly displayed at the till points. I watch Dirty Dancing and I want to take dance lessons. When I watched Hidalgo I wished I could race horses across the desert!

You can stop laughing now.


Last night, watching Riverdance live at Montecasino’s Teatro (after I saw Lord of the Dance on DVD several times) I was struck with an intense desire to take tap dancing lessons! I even remembered having a pair of red tap shoes that I had to share with my sister B when I was a little girl! I think my mommy or daddy darling tossed them for the sake of peace… heh heh…

We had some really awesome seats last night. Not only did we sit in the middle of the theatre thirteen rows from the front, but we got to sit next the the fabulous Jenty and her other half too! Thanks a lot for the tickets Southern Sun!

Guy Rickarby was the percussionist and watching him was quite incredible! He was playing so many instruments, often two at a time! I was torn between watching him and watching the dancers!

The lead dancers in last night’s performance were Lauren Smyth and Jason Oremus, with Rocio Montoya doing the flamenco, and Kelly Isaac and Michael E. Wood doing the tap dancing. The Riverdance troupe is fantastic! Its hard to comprehend anyone’s feet moving that fast, and some of them were jumping- and doing a step kick thing in the air- as if they were on cables! Do you know how fit you have to be to be able to jump so high!? And some of the moves make it look like they have rubber ankles!

It was fabulous! I am so glad I finally got to see it live! And my mommy darling was in her element!

8 thoughts on “Now I Want To Tap Dance!

  1. Riverdance is just fantastic. I would also love to be able to dance like them … soooo if you find any classes and are looking for company you know how to get ahold of me 🙂
    alidaonline recently posted…Some ThingsMy Profile

  2. I’ve always been the same way about watching movies and wanting to do things. I watched Top Gun and wanted to be a pilot! It’s good to hear it was as fabulous as you hoped it would be!

  3. the irish and highland studio my sister belongs to in durbs has a mommy’s class… i always wanted to go, but was too shy!

    i LOVED riverdance. it was absolutely beautiful
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