You Googled What?!

When last did you take a look at the words or phrases people searched and found your blog!?

I realised when looking at my Google Analytics reports tonight that I haven’t checked out my keywords in a while and I went to have a look- there’s some funny searches happening on this here interwebs, bunnies!

Apart from the expected searches involving ADHD, tattoos and TTC, I usually get a lot of results from searches for cars, cupcakes and weddings too- no surprises there. I’ve also had searches for census issues leading to me, but I did blog about it a couple of times so that was no surprise either.

Here though, are the ones that had me frowning and grinning all at the same time!

  • “27 dinner” “geek girl dinner
  • “get this widget” “car insurance”
  • “grosgrain voice”
  • 100 % online social network dating
  • aising glace
  • an angel when you be mind
  • baby orajel cape town
  • bad angel sluts
  • bliss out phrasal verbs
  • buy crocheted slip on wine glast coasters
  • creepy hand
  • cute number 5
  • exhibitionist flasher network
  • flying times in your sweet and young flowers
  • things men should know about women

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