I Have No Idea!

I recently spent the weekend with my Glugster and my knucklehead.

We were away from home, just us three, with lots of time in the car, lots of time doing things with just us three…

On the Friday and the Saturday the knucklehead didn’t take his meds.

It was a wonderfully fun, immensely challenging and volatile weekend.

I looked at my husband on the Sunday morning whilst we were having breakfast and I said: “How the fuck did I do this on my own for 17 years!?”

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Wife, mom, cake artist, Guide Dog puppy raiser, ADHD champion, wedding planner, and tattooed cat slave.

5 Responses to I Have No Idea!

  1. bex says:

    Amen to that one! I only did it 3 years before my Butch came along… and looking back on it now I’m like Wow! I don’t know how you pulled off 17, but I’m super happy you have Glugster now.
    bex recently posted…So that’s why it’s squishy…My Profile

  2. Nope, you were (are) amazing – but thank goodness you do have the Glugster now.
    cat@juggling act recently posted…Carpe Diem – seize the moment!My Profile

  3. Darla says:

    I’m so happy you both have your Glugster!

  4. blackhuff says:

    Yes, Angel. You sure did an awesome job for 17 years on your own with a child with ADHD. You surely can pat yourself on the back.
    blackhuff recently posted…The world seems to standMy Profile

  5. Sharon says:

    Single moms have a way of coping. We are a unique and special breed 😉