The Knucklehead Has A Lizard!

No- I’m not being obscene- he actually has a pet lizard! A bearded dragon, no less!

My son has been asking (read- hinting, begging and pleading) for a snake, lizard or spider since he was in pre-school, but I always said no because I knew who would end up taking care of it (since he was a little kid), and an exotic pet is an expensive pet.

Then ExMi mentioned on Twitter that although she hated herself for it, the bearded dragon she purchased about a year ago needed a new home.

It was like magic! Have you seen “Despicable Me“? You know when Gru says: “Light bullllb.” It was like that!

I hadn’t been thinking about it or anything, but I knew in that instant that the lizard, named Mojo, was meant for my knucklehead. I didn’t say a word to him though- I would never have heard the end of it, and had things fallen through and Mojo hadn’t come to live with us, I would have been nagged endlessly because it would have meant I’d said yes in principle! I did discuss it with my Glugster of course, and we agreed that it was all good as long as the knucklehead understood that the lizard would be his responsibility.

ExMi and I went into negotiations, and a week later I went to fetch Mojo from her house. I only told my knucklehead that he was getting a very early Christmas present the night before I collected the lizard.

Mojo has been renamed Spike (I know, I know, not exactly original), and he has taken up residence- in his terrarium- in the knucklehead’s bedroom. When the knucklehead came home to find the lizard in his room, he spent the entire evening rearranging furniture, preparing food, and watching and talking to and cuddling Spike. And as is typical with the knucklehead, I was summoned to the room several times to see what the lizard was doing. There are big plans underfoot for plants, a bigger terrarium, and leash training! Is that even possible?

The knucklehead couldn’t be happier.

11 thoughts on “The Knucklehead Has A Lizard!

  1. I had a quiet little freak out when your knucklehead let my J touch Spike *shudder*. I will NEVER allow my son to keep reptiles as pets in my house. So you are an awesome mom.

  2. You are one brave mama!! I couldn’t have a reptile in the house, just couldn’t!! I reckon that’s why God blessed me with girls and not boys 😉

    Love how super-chuffed he looks!
    Gill recently posted…About PinterestMy Profile

  3. those things creep me out, but that photo really warmed my heart! the knucklehead looks so so so happy! a childhood dream come true! it’s like getting a pony!! 😀

    and leash training! wow! hope we get to read those adventures on your cat (and dog, and now dragon) blog!
    Tanya recently posted…New blog!My Profile

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