The Lions Took It!!!

And I was there!!!

I am no rugby buff, I almost never watch unless I’m at a get together and everyone is watching. It isn’t that I don’t like rugby, I just don’t know all the rules or completely understand how to tell what’s happening on the field, so I would rather watch something else if given the choice.


On the last Saturday of November however, my Glugster and I were invited to go to Coca Cola Park to watch the Currie Cup Final – LIVE – with some friends.

I can’t tell you how excited my husband was! He’s a die-hard, born-and-bred Lions supporter, and they were top of the log all the way through the Currie Cup! They’ve had a few shitty years and my Glugster was on cloud nine! In fact, this was the first time in 61 years that the Lions took the Currie Cup on home ground!

The atmosphere was- to use a cliché- electric! To hear the excitement in people’s voices made the hair on the back of my neck stand up- a lot like when I hear a powerful engine go by me… 😀 ! The Lions have a mascot who went around the stadium with an inflatable shark and kicked it and threw it around and wrestled with it much to the crowd’s delight. He also had a giant watergun that he used on any Sharks supporters that were close enough for him to reach with it! We even saw a couple of Lions supporters get hold of a Sharks fan and hold him up for the mascot to drench! The Lions cheerleaders were also pretty cool to watch too, with some acrobatics thrown in to the mix.

It was awesome to be in the stadium with all the fans. It is a huge place and it was very nearly full up with people dressed mostly in red. We had to park a couple of blocks away and people were having braais on the sidewalks and cheering and singing songs and giving opposing teams’ fans some good natured ribbing.

I took my camera along of course and I think I managed to get a few cool shots of the game and the crowd.

My Glugster went home a very happy man indeed when the Lions beat the Sharks by 42 points to 16!

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