Time Is Fleeting. Madness Takes Its Toll.


The last few weeks have absolutely flown by!

This weekend past was blissfully chilled. On Friday evening we went to see some friends we haven’t seen in a long time and before we knew it it was midnight! I love evenings that are passed in such pleasant company that you don’t notice time passing at all. It was a fabulous start to the weekend. On Saturday my Glugster had to work on the koi pond pump- again after we delivered a cupcake order… that pump is driving me bananas! Its clearly the wrong kind because it functions fine for 48 hours or so and then gets clogged again, but we can’t spend several hundred bucks on a new one right now… And then on Sunday he put a shelf up in my kitchen for all my cupcake bric-a-brac! I now have more counter space and my kitchen still looks pretty! I also finished a book that I started reading just last weekend! For me to read a book so fast hasn’t happened in YEARS! If you’re wondering, it was Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony and Graham Spence. It was in a goodie bag I received at the end of the Ford Ranger launch a while ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It made me laugh and it gave me such a lump in my throat (few things actually make me cry, but I suggest you keep some tissues handy if you plan to read this one).

The weekend before last was also a relaxed one, and the Saturday was spent with some very dear friends in celebration of their little boy’s 4th birthday! There were a lot of people we knew at the party, and it was another day where time passed all too quickly. Before we knew it we had to fetch the knucklehead, who had spent the day working on one of those bungee things at a shopping mall. He was exhausted (and a little hung over) but had managed to collect several telephone numbers from babes at the mall!

Its been a bit of  quiet month for my baking, which always worries me, especially since my Glugster and I are still playing catch-up after he was unemployed for a few months earlier this year. My beloved Audi has been sold as it was a rather exorbitant expense on our already strained finances. We have yet to replace it with something small and cheap, so I am becoming accustomed to not having my own wheels at the moment, and I am actually walking to the shops should I need to get something urgently – and we all know how much I LOVE walking…

We’ve had news on our SA Guide-Dog puppy raising endeavour too, you can read about it here in future!

And Christmas is around the corner! Its going to be one rich in time spent with loved ones, but poor in extravagance… I know that’s how its supposed to be, but I do love presents and good food…


Thats all I can think of in terms of an update right now… Ooh, I still need to tell you about our trip to Nelspruit and the Kruger a few weeks ago!

4 thoughts on “Time Is Fleeting. Madness Takes Its Toll.

  1. The past few weeks have flown by. Hell, the whole dang year has. Is it really Christmas time already? So much has happened this year!!

  2. You are so right. The time IS flying by so fast.
    I am sorry to hear that you and your husband is still going through a rough patch with the effect of him being unemployed earlier this year.

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