Our 2011 Annual Sibling Christmas Party

This year was our 10th annual sibling Christmas party!! I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for 10 years already!

For those who are new to my scene, my brother and my two sisters and I have a little party around Christmas time every year. We very seldom get to spend Christmas together as a family since we’re married or involved and we have to share Christmas with other family, so we started a new tradition.

It’s a meal that we all contribute to and share, and unlike previous years this year we had a brunch. It was sister B’s turn to play host. The host decorates the dinner table and usually provides a meat dish. The rest of us contribute veggies, starters, salad, dessert and so on, taking turns every year to make something different. I did the dessert this year and took a pineapple cheesecake with me! Then when the food is ready we reminisce and giggle and catch up on each others’ lives a little, and we trade gifts… and that is where it gets entertaining!

Because we now only buy Christmas presents for the children in our family to try and keep the costs down, we decided to use our annual sibling party as an occasion to trade gifts.

We now spend months searching for the most horrendous, kitsch, ugly, impractical piece of bric-a-brac we can possibly find, and wrap it up as a gift. We then pull names out of a hat to exchange these gifts, and open them one by one. The rule is then that you have to display your gift, in your house, where it can be seen by anyone and everyone. You may not hide it away, and if it breaks you have to fix it. After a year, you get a new gift and you can do what you like with the old one!

Now, as a bit of a disclaimer, bear in mind when you see pictures of our gifts- given and received- that taste is relative. Something I consider hideous may be seen as just gawjiss by someone else. By no means do we want to insult anyone’s taste when we label our gifts as horrendous. In fact, over the years we have each received something we actually rather liked that was considered dreadful by the sibling who gave it away! The funniest part is trying to explain the presence of these atrocities in your house! Some people like it, some people say they like it because they don’t know what to say, and some people flat ignore it rather than question it!

the floating trophy

the gifts under sister B’s tree

I pulled sister C’s name out of the hat and got this plaster of Paris, moulded and painted, harvest themed wreath…

Sister B pulled da Bruvva’s name out of the hat and got this frame-mounted 40 year old spark plug!

sister C pulled sister B’s  name out of the hat and was, erm… rewarded with this doll, whose umbrella skirt pops up into a stand.

da Bruvva pulled my name out of the hat and got the gift I found, a little fairy whose skirt forms a bowl.

Sister B won the floating trophy for the best worst gift this year!

Here are the links to the sibling suppers held in 2010, 2009, 2008,20072006 and 2005.

10 thoughts on “Our 2011 Annual Sibling Christmas Party

  1. oh wow… the gifts are awful! … altho i do like the frame the spark plug is in :p
    how odd that there are two “dolls” and both their skirts “do something”
    Where are you going to hang your wreath? *snort*

  2. Although I might not have bought any of the gifts for myself, I don’t think they were all *that* bad. Ok, maybe the spark plug. No wait…that doll is creepy…ah fuggit. Mission accomplished to all of you! 🙂

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