Bloggy Bling For Me!!

Louisa, of 123 Blog Myself fame, gave me a blog award that includes instructions to tell you more about myself!!

So, as much as I hate talking about myself…


Here’s a list for your amusement! I don’t know how many of these will actually be news to anyone though, unless you’re new to my blog that is.


  • I have lists. I need lists. I have at least 20 of them on my BB, including a shopping list that I keep up to date and a list of my Glugster’s favourite things. I have a checklist for looking at wedding venues, a checklist for looking at a potential home, a list of books I want, a list of DVDs I own, a list I use when packing a suitcase… Ja. Nuff said.
  • I’ve mentioned I’m a chicken? When I got my first pair of roller skates, I spent several weeks on my haunches pulling myself along with my fingers because I was too scared to stand up! Climbing trees?! Oh good lawd no! There’s a possibility I may fall and break an arm or a leg and end up in a cast, or worse.
  • When I’m watching TV, and they show someone speaking but kind of in profile from behind them so you can see the person they’re speaking to- it drives me batty when the speaker’s jaw movement doesn’t synchronise with what he or she is saying!
  • I have no trouble staying indoors. It seems popular perception that if you live in South Africa, you love being outside and being in the sun and… stuff. I don’t do sunshine or gardening or swimming pools. I love my air conditioner, and if I do need to be outside I will be in the shade, covered in sunblock and wielding a fan.
  • Have you ever watched Monk? A lot of his quirks are my quirks… especially the ones about rules. Speeding, jay-walking, queuing, spelling, schedules… I stick to them- almost manically- and it drives me round the bend when other people don’t!
  • I have a bit of a thing about TV series… if I find one I like and I start watching it, I get quite anxious if I miss an episode! It messes with the order of things. Way back when, I had reminders for TV programs set on my phone calendar! Then I got a VHS that had a timed recording option so I could record a program even though I wasn’t home to do so. And now we have access to a PVR decoder… for me this is seventh heaven! You can stop shaking your head at me now.
  • I can very easily become obsessive… at one point I was so tetchy over germs and surfaces that I was washing my hands every 10 minutes! I still find myself wiping my hand on my pants if I have to touch an escalator railing. I intensely dislike touching elevator buttons, ATMs or other people’s keyboards. I have to force myself not to think about how many germs are on my hands after I’ve been grocery shopping. I try not to touch my face if I haven’t washed my hands for a while… When I’m working in my kitchen, I wash my hands every time I touch something other than my baking utensils!

You don’t think I’m strange at all, do you…?


So now, who can I give it to, hhhmm…

I think I’m going to give it to the following people- since I would like them to share a bit of a list about themselves. They’ve probably already been given this award since these things do get around, especially when you have to give them to 15 bloggers!

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6 thoughts on “Bloggy Bling For Me!!

  1. I finally got around to putting this up today!! (Sorry I’ve been such a slacker!! Sometime’s Dec gets me in a funk 😉

  2. Im a chicken, I have no isssue, whatsoever, staying indoors, I also stick to the rules and it grates my carrot when others don’t, OMG, the TV series thing is me to a T! I carry hand sanitiser with me at all times in case I touch something icky (like handles and stuff), if I touch something ‘off’ I can feel it on the spot where it touched me for hours afterwards if I dont wash my hands immediately!

  3. Thanks a bunch!! I’m going to have to come up with some things too!! I love the roller skating bit!! We took the kids ice skating at an indoor rink in the bottom of the local mall. I spent the whole time clinging to the sides… when my 9 year old wasn’t yelling at me “You’re GONNA MAKE ME FALL!!”

  4. OMG!! I could take most of the points on your list, change a few words and it would be my list!! Someone called me Monk on Monday!!!

    Thank you for the award! (it’s in my list! ????)

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