How Was Your Friday?!

Mine sucked and I don’t want a do-over for love or money!

Usually, my Fridays are a crazy busy day full of baking and mixing icing and decorating cupcakes and order collections and such, so this last week was very strange for me as Friday was a holiday.

On Friday morning, my Glugster took the knucklehead to work (sucks that he had to work on a public holiday), and then we set off to complete a few chores. After finding a new pipe for the Kreepy but not having much luck with other stuff ‘coz so many shops were closed, we went and had a relaxed brunch – just the two of us. This is something we haven’t done in I don’t know how long and it was wonderful!

Then we went home to do the stuff we had allocated to the day, and my day went rapidly south! This is going to be a long ass description of much misery and disappointment so if you actually read the whole thing I will be impressed. Feel free to click away now. ‘Tis the season, after all.

A little while after we got home and after the Kreepy Krauly was working again, my Glugster called me and said there was something wrong with the koi pond.

Up until yesterday morning I had 8 beautiful koi of varying colours and sizes, and a goldfish in a pond in the garden. Every weekend we refill the pond because the water evaporates. Yesterday, my hubby put the hose in and forgot about it and by the time he remembered all the gloriously balanced pond water had been replaced with toxic tap water and the fish were suffocating! We spent the next hour or so (I don’t know how long it was) de-chlorinating the water and trying to keep the koi moving so they could get cleaner water over their gills. After that hour or so we were dripping wet, stank of pond and had 4 dead koi and a dead goldfish. The three biggest koi and the smallest one were still moving of their own volition albeit sluggishly, and we were hopeful they would be okay.

Then my knucklehead arrived home from work several hours earlier than he should have and announced that he had resigned.



We went and had a shower to get the pond stink off of us, and then spent an entertaining hour watching Minx and Greebo trying to call a lizard down off the kitchen wall!

Then I went out to check on the pond again and the middle sized orange and white koi had died as well. Now the two biggest ones and the littlest ones were all that remained. I was too afraid to go back and look again!

My mommy darling then called asking if we wanted to pop in for coffee and I burst into tears when I told her my knucklehead is now unemployed and I’d lost my beautiful koi!

On the way to my folks’ place, I got a call from SAGA telling me I can’t fetch Volt (our guide-dog puppy) on Monday anymore because he and his litter-mates are on a course of antibiotics and I can now only fetch him when they’re done, which is after Christmas.

I nearly broke down again right there!

After a whisky and a bit of a chat at my mommy and daddy darling’s house I started feeling a wee bit better, and when it got dark we decided to take ourselves off to Lawley Street to see the Christmas lights as my folks had never been.

When we got back, our car’s left from “slow puncture” was no longer slow, and my daddy darling, da Bruvva and my very sunburnt Glugster spent over an hour changing the massive Navara wheel!

We eventually got home after 11!

10 thoughts on “How Was Your Friday?!

  1. Oh Angel *big hugs* I’m so sorry about your trying day!
    BUT, if I may just point out, you’re here to tell us about it with a hint of humour – just another thing I admire about you.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the weekend quickly makes Friday a distant memory.

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