Oh Lawdy I’m 38!!

On December 28th 2012, I awoke to the final realisation and the absolute inability to deny any longer, that I had come to the end of my 38th year on this here third rock from the sun…


Thirty Eight

The Big Three Eight



You know, there are some numbers that are scary when it comes to one’s age… For me, 27 was one of them and 38 was the other. 20 didn’t scare me, 40 doesn’t feature, and I can’t tell you why, but turning 38 loomed large on my emotional horizon.

I had a bit of a cake and tea for my birthday, its never a particularly big occasion when I celebrate on my actual birthday as most people are on holiday/ broke/ hungover in the week that falls between Christmas and New Year. I did have some fabulous company and we had some luvverly cake and tea and I got some glorious gifts!

I got some Yuppiechef vouchers and if anyone has ever been on that site they will know how it is to get stuck there!

The day after my birthday I was sitting outside with the dogs and I shopped with my vouchers, and I was quite flabbergasted when my parcel- with a hand written birthday card- arrived the next morning already!!

And of course my Twitter and Facebook accounts were both full of birthday wishes from friends and loved ones and that always makes a birthday special!

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  1. Those all look divine! My hubby surprised me with calphalone wear for my Christmas and I have been soooo happy with them.

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