The Festive Season Is Done And Dusted!

And now I need a holiday!


I closed The Cupcake Lady for business on December 22nd, since my Glugster wasn’t going to be on leave I didn’t see the need to close earlier than that. That would also give me a full two weeks to get Volt, the guide-dog puppy I am raising, settled and sorted in his new home. I fetched Volt from SAGA on December 19th and its been crazy busy since then (you can read about my puppy raising adventures here)!

Christmas Eve started early-ish with my in-laws coming to us for lunch! We were going to braai but it was seriously rainy and cold so we had a cold lunch indoors instead. It would have been really relaxed if I hadn’t had to run after Volt every few minutes, but it was lovely to see them for Christmas. I am really lucky in that I have really awesome parents-in-law!

Christmas Eve dinner was at my folks place. Cold meats, salads, cheesecake, snacks… wonderfully relaxed, and my mommy darling got to have almost all her grandchildren in one place for the first time in a long time! We had decided on a fun gift swap since we don’t buy presents for everyone in the family, and after supper and cheesecake we had our second youngest nephew Nathan play Santa, deciding who got which gift. The kids were fascinated with Volt, but he has to be carefully watched because rowdy play is discouraged. And he behaved so very well! My poor sister C spent Christmas Eve in hospital having put her back out again!

Christmas Day was back at our house! My Christmas table centre-piece was inspired by some things I found on Pinterest (you can find the link to my boards in my sidebar). My darling Glugs did his always popular chicken-pasta-potjie and we all ate too much! The weather was perfect compared to the previous day and it was fabulous for swimming! Once again I did a lot of running after Volt, but he was really very well behaved. We played 30 Seconds and laughed till we cried! It was glorious!

Boxing Day, or Family Day as its now known, was spent at home, chilling and sleeping and eating leftovers.

I hope you all had a glorious Christmas!

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2 Responses to The Festive Season Is Done And Dusted!

  1. Thanks we did – yours look great too

  2. Melany says:

    Glad to hear you had such a good Christmas! Happy New Year Angel!