I Think I’m Adjusting…

This whole 5am wake up call was exhausting, but I think I’m getting used to it. Like when I used to stay up till 2am reading blogs and talking strawbreez on Skype, and then get up for work at 5h30. You can get used to anything! And they do say smart people need less sleep…

You can stop sniggering now.


Ooh and don’t forget – you can read about my adventures with Volt here and on Twitter here -> #SAGApupVolt.

This weekend past I had a couple of cupcake orders to take care of (you know who my alter ego is right?), and then we spent the afternoon at a place called “Higher Ground”  to celebrate @SnowgooseSA’s birthday. When this venue boasts about having an awesome view of Jo’burg they’re not kidding! Its gawjiss! And the children exhausted themselves with all the open space to play!

higher ground restaurant bryanston

And what a lovely afternoon! I got to see some good friends and meet some new people including one friend’s new fiancée and a few fans of The Cupcake Lady, which is always an awesome ego-boost!  There was also a famous rugby player there, whom I of course didn’t recognise, much to my Glugster’s consternation… But its cool, his rugby doesn’t clash with my F1… LOL!


Sunday was spent recovering – for the most part – from Saturday night, LOL.

Ooh and I got another invitation for a new Ford vehicle launch on the 23rd, so keep your eyes open for that review! And I may or may not be contributing a little something to a printed publication for the first time in my life and I’m very excited about that!

5 thoughts on “I Think I’m Adjusting…

  1. What are you writing and when/where will it be published? You are soooo lucky with Ford. So much of excitement in your life!

  2. You have such an exciting life at the moment. So happy for you re the Ford invitation and all things going on in your life now.
    How’s things going with your son? Any new work prospects for him?

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