The Lizard King…

My knucklehead’s bearded dragon, Spike, lives a royal life in this here house!

When the knucklehead goes into his room he calls to and talks to Spike like I do to my cats! Its too comical!

When he’s preparing Spike’s food in the morning and evening Spike sits on his shoulder and gets fed hibiscus flower petals whilst his veggies are being chopped!

When the knucklehead goes outside for a cigarette Spike goes too, and sits in the sun on a perch made of wood! He sits on the same perch when his terrarium is being cleaned out.

When the knucklehead is lying reading on his bed at night Spike has the run of the bed and walks along the edges before walking up the knucklehead’s leg to sit on the pillow under the reading lamp!

9 thoughts on “The Lizard King…

  1. I still secretly hope that the knucklehead won’t be home when I visit you, cos then I know I won’t see the reptile. I am so freaked out by it. LOL such a scaredy cat I am. My boy usually hopes the knucklhead IS home so that he can see the reptile 😛

  2. Our boys and their reptiles 🙂
    We used to have an iguana named Spike.
    Xav hauls his turtles around like that too.

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