Gotta Love Pizza…

I LURV pizza! I’m a junk food junkie after all! And yesterday, I got a delightful email offering me a voucher to treat myself to the new Debonairs Pizza 2 Types of Tasty special!! Don’t you just love freebies!!

Here are the two pizza, the New Macho Pepperoni Salami and the Sweet Chilli Chicken & Feta! The knucklehead and I shared them and the salami one is by far his favourite where I like the little bit of sweetness on the chicken one.

2 types of tasty pizza - Macho Pepperoni Salami

2 Types of Tasty - Sweet Chilli Chicken & Feta


And thank you Debonairs!

Ooh, and for your enjoyment, here is the TV advert for this pizza special, I literally laughed out loud!!

4 thoughts on “Gotta Love Pizza…

  1. Freebies are AWESOME. And now I’m lussing for Pizza as well. Going to HAVE to make a plan this weekend for pizza.

  2. So I’m seeing this yummy goodness at 7am and it’s making my tummy all rumbly and my mouth water. Nom. Nom. Nom.

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