My Forked Up Knee…

It all started way back in about 2003… I think…

I was at a houseparty celebrating my BBF Gen’s 30th birthday, and shortly after I arrived I walked out onto the patio with a wine bottle in one hand and a glass in the other. I didn’t realise there was a small step leading down from the patio to the paving around the pool, and the platform heels I was wearing didn’t aid in balance when I started falling forward. I somehow managed to twist myself as I fell, landing hard on my left knee before I ended up on my bum, with one smashed wine glass and one undamaged wine bottle held high.

I limped around all night and apart from a bit of a graze courtesy of my jeans, there wasn’t much of a bruise or anything so I didn’t worry about it and I didn’t go to a doctor, but it was about two years before I could kneel on it without any discomfort though…

Then in 2009, I fell at Rocking The Gardens when I stepped in a hole- tearing the ligaments across the top of my right foot and once again landing on my left knee! My knee was bruised and I had extensive physio for the ankle, but my knee hurt as well- which I put down to the fall and then walking funny because of my ankle! Then the one day I asked the physiotherapist about my knee and she thought she could feel some damage, especially when I nearly kicked her and let out a yelp when she stuck her fingers in the side of my knee! I told her about the fall a few years before and she said I may have done some damage but without something like an ultrasound or an MRI she couldn’t tell for sure.

Then about a month ago I slipped on some water in my kitchen and landed on the same bloody knee! My language turned the air in my kitchen blue as I cursed in pain, and brought my poor half-asleep knucklehead running in fright (it was 5am)!

I finally went to the doctor a couple of days ago because it just isn’t getting any better. There’s a constant tingling, ache in my knee and now that I am baking all day again my knee is really protesting. The doctor sent me for for X-rays and they showed no damage to the bones (as I expected) so she gave me some anti-inflammatories and recommended physiotherapy.

If that doesn’t help and the knee doesn’t get better she wants me to see an orthopaedic surgeon… Lets not go there, shall we?

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