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And its not in bullet points!!


I may have been scarce here, but I’ve been blogging a lot on Angel’s Furbabies, where I talk about my adventures in guide-dog puppy raising, and of course I update The Cupcake Lady fairly often too!

So what’s been happening here?

Well, a couple of weeks ago my Sunday started with a bang… My dog Louise had an epileptic seizure early in the morning, but I wasn’t too concerned as it was the first one since December. Then the gardener arrived and told me that our security guard had been attacked and was bleeding all over the place! I went to see what was going on and he did indeed have 5 deep gashes on his head and a graze on his back. I went and got my first aid kit and then called him over to my house. Whilst my Glugster called the security supervisor to come and fetch him and arrange a replacement, I donned a pair of gloves and taped wound pads over the cuts. He told me while I was busy that he is the supervisor for a specific area with all the guards reporting to him, and that one of them had beaten him with a brick because he wouldn’t give him time off or something! He was then taken off to hospital and stitched up, and back at work the next day. Unfortunately for me, this guard now seems to think that the invisible line between me and the “service providers” I interact with has been smudged and he’s being overly friendly. I truly loathe that. I have friends. I don’t need to be friends with every single person I come across.

Anyhoodle. Louise had another two seizures that same Sunday and the Monday after that I took her to the vet to be diagnosed with canine epilepsy. She’s now on medication- a small tablet twice a day- and hasn’t had another fit since. I am hoping this will be the status quo for a while.

The knucklehead is still unemployed, and whilst he helps me a lot with the puppy, he and I are butting heads a LOT! Today he helped me deliver a cake, and on our way home we had a shouting match over- wait for it– whether or not I was a bigger “geek” than he was! Can you bloody credit it!??! It spiraled into a ridiculously far-fetched whine on his part that I put everything and everyone ahead of him including the puppy! Needles to say we didn’t speak much the rest of the way home.

The puppy is growing in leaps and bounds and I have to remind myself regularly that he’s still just a baby. SAGA is very happy with his progress too.

My knee is recovering… I haven’t had physio but the anti-inflammatories are definitely helping.

My Glugster and I celebrated a quiet Valentines Day at home, I surprised him with chocolates in his lunchbox and then I made us a lekker supper, and he gave me a bottle of bubbly, cookies and chocolates.

My alter-ego, The Cupcake Lady, is very busy which is fantastic!

My Glugster and I are slowly but surely recovering from our financial downturn of last year, which is great. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel makes us both less stressed.

I am still speaking to and supporting several families living with ADHD, and sharing new finds with them, but sadly my support group meetings are very badly attended. Its a little disheartening when its only family members who arrive for the meetings because I set aside time to plan and organise the meetings…

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  1. I also hate when people try and cross over the friend line, that is why I try not to be too friendly and I don’t care if people think I am rude, but I have found that once I just make polite chit chat with guys they get too personal or say inapproriate crap (I work in a male dominated industry and hardly see or speak to women at work so for the losers who come to my factory its like oooo)

  2. I LOL when I read what you and your son fought over – who is the bigger cyber geek 🙂
    I’m sorry about the meetings you’re trying to arrange for ADHD. I do value the emails you sent regarding the things you find though. Very eye opening.
    blackhuff recently posted…My son – my prideMy Profile

  3. Darling, I would TOTALLY come to your meetings if I could. Glad things are looking up financially and that Louise seems to be OK.
    Julia recently posted…AdoptionMy Profile

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