I found this particular list on .sea.ess.em.jay. and she said she found it on Glossary Scribbles From A Sofa. I figured- since I’ve been so scarce here of late- a little blog fodder will go a long way.


1. How old are you in five years? OMG… I’m going to be 43 years old!!

2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? My Glugster got more than a couple of hours of my time time today. 🙂

3. How tall are you? 1.64m, the shortest in my family!

4. What is the last movie you saw? Star Wars Episode I, in 3D no less!!

5. Who called you last? Erm… I dunno. Its an unknown number so either a salesman or a debt collector.

6. Who did you call last? The knucklehead…

7. What was the last text message you received? You can pick me up at 5 babe.” from my Glugster. I don’t get enough text messages IMHO…

8. Do you prefer calling or texting? I will happily make a call to a loved one, but I do a fair amount of texting in BBM and Whatsapp as well.

9. Are your parents married or divorced? They are still married and will celebrate their 39th anniversary this year! They were high school sweethearts and have even kept all the love letters and cards that they have exchanged over the 40+ years of their relationship!

10. When did you last see your mother? The day before yesterday actually! I popped in at her office to say howdy since I was driving around.

11. What colour eyes do you have? I s’pose they’re blue, but they’re becoming more grey as I get older.

12. When did you wake up today? I wake up at 5h30 every day. EVERY day. My guide-dog puppy Volt doesn’t sleep very late…

13. What is your favourite Christmas song? I actually have 2 favourites, “The 12 Pains Of Christmas” and “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”! I do love Christmas songs.

14. What is your favourite place? Hhmmm… Thats a rather broad question isn’t it? I love holidaying in the Cape, and I love spending weekends on our bed with my Glugster watching movies and series, and I love driving my car…

15. What place do you prefer the least? Erm… is this like saying “where do I not want to be”?

16. Where do you think you will find yourself in ten years? Hopefully in a bigger house with a bigger kitchen and a happily independent knucklehead…

17. What scared you about the night as a child? Nothing as far as I can remember, I have always loved the night and functioned far better after 2pm.

18. What made you really laugh last? Yesterday I gave Thelma, Louise and Volt each a small piece of bread with peanut butter on it (so Louise could take her epilepsy meds) and Volt’s piece got stuck on his pallet! I was wheezing with laughter at how he was trying to get his first ever taste of bread unstuck.

19. How big is your bed? We have a queen sized extra length bed.

20. Do you have desktop or laptop computer? I have a laptop and there’s a PC in the study.

21. Do you sleep with or without clothes on you? I don’t wear jammies unless the temperature hits something like 10 below zero!

22. How many pillows do you have in bed? I sleep with two fairly flat pillows.

23. How many provinces have you lived in? Only one, Gauteng born and bred!

24. Which cities have you lived in? Joburg and Pretoria. I’m a jetsetter, I am. 🙂

25. Do you prefer shoes, socks or bare feet? I love being barefoot! My heels are in a shocking state, but I love being barefoot.

26. Are you social? I think I am… I love entertaining and I spend quite a lot of time with friends and family, but I am also quite happy to spend time on my own or with my Glugster.

27. What is your favourite ice cream? I prefer sorbet to ice cream.

28. What is your favourite dessert? Ooh if I can I’ll have sorbet, and I adore crème brulee.

29. Do you like Chinese food? I do indeed!

30. Do you like coffee? I drink a lot less of it now that I no longer work in a corporate setting, but I do like a cup in the morning.

31. What do you have for breakfast? I have toast or cereal – I LOVE sweet cereals like Frosties and Froot Loops (which I refuse to pay import prices for BTW)!

32. Do you sleep on a particular side? Yup! I’m on the right and closest to the portable airconditioner!

33. Can you play poker? I can indeed, regular poker that is. I can play Texas Hold’em with a little help.

34. Do you like to cuddle/ snuggle? Seriously!? Is this question meant for a dude? I love it! I scored highest on physical touch when I did the love language quiz.

35. Are you a dependent person? I don’t think I am. I raised my son on my own and I had only my income since I left school. I adore my husband and I rely on him for a lot, but- heaven forbid- something happens to us, I will be fine on my own aain. Eventually. 😛

36. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Yes I do! A friend of mine’s granny has her birthday on the same day.

37. Do you have children? Yup. He’s not a children anymore though…

38. Do you know any other languages than English? I am pretty proficient in Afrikaans.

39. Have you ever driven an ambulance? Driven an ambulance? No. Nor have I been driven in one.

40. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? Neither. I don’t do cold water and I was super happy when my knucklehead learnt to swim and I didn’t have to anymore.

41. What do you spend any money on? I love grocery shopping! I know it sounds funny, but I spend any “spare” money I have on groceries. And sometimes on magazines.

42. Do you have precious jewellery? Oh yes I do. I adore my wedding ring (which I can’t wear right now because the stone is loose again). And I had a pair of Thomas Sabo dragon earrings that my darling Glugster bought for me on a whim- you’ll see them in a lot of photographs of us- but they were stolen when our house was broken into and we haven’t been able to replace them as they aren’t made anymore. 🙁 I also have a Donna Mia “charm” bracelet that I wear almost every day.

43. What are your favourite shows on TV? Ah now that can be a long list… Desperate Housewives, House, Stargate SG1, Stargate Universe, Frasier, Bones, Jeremiah… and I like the Crime channel on DSTV.

44. Can you roll your tongue? Sort of… I can roll  it into a tube and twist it sort of vertically.

45. Who is the funniest person you know? Erm… I laugh my head off at my BIL, but he is funny mostly by accident, and my Glugster makes me laugh all the time.

46. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Nope. I do usually have a cat on the bed with me though.

47. What is your ringtone? At the moment its Selena Gomez and the Scene’s “Love You Like A Love Song”. I don’t get to hear it too often though as the people who call me the most have their own ringtones. I am impressed with Selena BTW, she’s beautiful and very talented and she has managed to not go completely bubblegum or slutty with her “grown up” image.

48. Do you still have clothes from when you were little? I have a shoe that I wore as a toddler that my mom framed in a box for me.

49. What are you closest to you right now that is red? My small first aid kit is lying on the coffee table in the living room… I have to restock it.

50. Do you flirt much? I do. I must be honest. But for me, “flirting” is far more than just making eyes at men. I flirt with my customers, I flirt with people I meet for the first time, I flirt with anyone I would like to put at ease in my presence and I use flirting as a way to make myself comfortable. I personally believe I have mastered the art, and it stands me in good stead. 😛

51. Can you change the oil on the car? Nope. My dad taught me to change the tyres, and i can change wiper blades and check my oil and such, but I can’t do anything more mechanical than that.

52. Have you received speeding ticket ever? Sadly yes, I have. I stick to the rules of the road NOW, but I am an aggressive driver and I went through a phase when I drove like a bat out of hell! Many years ago I made a conscious decision to adhere to the rules of the road to set an example for my son and I have done so ever since.

53. What was the last book you read? An Unpopular War by J H Thompson. It was fascinating to read the very honest and often brutal accounts of the young men who went through national service and the border wars in South Africa when conscription was in effect.

54. Do you read a newspaper? I’ll browse through the local free paper when it arrives every week, but apart from that no, not really.

55. Do you subscribe to a magazine? No, but there are a few I would LOVE to have mailed to me on a regular basis.

56. Do you dance in the car? ALL the time! If there’s music playing, I am dancing. It’s like a reflex for me. I am often not even conscious of doing it.

57. Which radio station did you listen to you last? 5fm! It’s the default radio station in the car but we like TUKS as well when we’re in range.

58. What was the last thing you scribbled down on paper? I actually have a notebook I carry with me in my handbag, so I make notes fairly often.

59. When were you at church last? A few months ago. I went to the memorial service for a woman I greatly admired.

60. Are you happy? I actually am. Very.

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