I Had An Epiphany!

You know “ADHD” stands for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”, right?

The moniker is highly inaccurate in my humble opinion, but its unlikely that the name is going to change… Anyhoo – the name describes a disorder diagnosed in children who battle because they are unable to PAY attention.

What was my epiphany?

I think its far more accurate to say it describes children who battle because they don’t GET enough attention!

ADHD is a very selfish disorder, its completely “spotlight on me please” and people with ADHD will use any and all means to get the attention they need – good and bad!

3 thoughts on “I Had An Epiphany!

  1. And oftentimes we have to Spotlight on them whether or not they even ask for it. Xav’s mind is so busy that if I don’t give him the extra attention Lordy only knows what he’s into 🙁 I often feel guilty because he seems to be so much more needy for attention than his non ADHD brother. And I hate that, because I know they BOTH need the attention.
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