A Peek Inside An ADHD Brain

So what’s going on inside an ADHDer’s brain, an ADHDers nervous system…?

I have never been diagnosed with ADHD, nor am I on any kind of treatment, but there is no doubt in my mind that I do indeed have ADHD, most likely the combined type, definitely with hyperactivity.

I have wished so many times that my darling knucklehead could explain to me what it feels like to be in his head, but he isn’t able to do so. I have found a few adult ADHDer blogs and its an incredible eye-opener to read them because it gives me a little bit of insight into how my boy’s mind works, and I am grateful for that…

But every now and then I catch myself doing something that I know I should make a note of for others to learn from… but I just don’t get around to it!

Then last night, I was sitting in the kitchen working on my admin, and I had a blasted earworm! I honestly can’t remember the song that was chomping its way through my brain, but I do remember having to consciously and repeatedly focus on repressing the insane urge to belt out the chorus at full volume there in my kitchen with my hubby watching TV and working on his laptop in the lounge behind me! He would have had a heart attack!

Now if I was battling (and I was successful but I had to really work at it) not to blurt out a song at the top of my voice, can you imagine how hard it is for a schoolchild who has not had years of learning impulse control like my 38 year old self has!??

Does it sound far-fetched?

If you think about it I am sure you can remember your own ADHDer suddenly yelling out some random string of words or a TV show battle cry or a song- completely out of context and completely inappropriately- and wondering where it came from or what brought it on!?

How about this one as food for thought. I will be sitting on the couch watching TV, or lying in bed reading, believing I am completely relaxed and calm, and I will get the weirdest sensation in my leg (or both legs) that will NOT go away unless I move. And not just move or change position, I have to make several repetitive movements- twitching, kicking, bouncing, anything- to stop the tingle. Its like my bone is vibrating and I have to move to stop  it.

Sound crazy?

Imagine a child feeling the same thing. How is a youngster going to stay in his seat or stand still in line when a feeling in his own legs is about to send him round the twist!!??

I’m not making excuses for bad or inappropriate behaviour, and with a little maturity and learning it can be “controlled”, but perhaps the next time you’re dealing with some strange outburst or unexplainable behaviour, you might remember this blog post and realise that they really can’t always help themselves- their bodies sometimes do things before their brains have a chance to put the brakes on.

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