Dormicum Rocks!

I had another dentist adventure recently, and thank goodness I still had a couple of Dormicum tablets left over from my last prescription!

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you may know how deathly afraid of the dentist I am, and after YEARS of stress and tears a specialist mentioned Dormicum! What a revelation! Yes, its extra schlep because someone has to drive me there and take me home, but I don’t spend three days recovering from muscle spasms and a headache anymore!

About a week ago I realised I had a slight toothache in my bottom right jaw, that was infinitely worse if I tried to chew there! I called around to find a dentist that is contracted in- where I don’t have to fork out a fortune in cash first- and thankfully found one right here in my suburb! Fabulous! I arranged to get an early appointment so that my Glugster wouldn’t have to take too much time off work in order to drive me there and take me home again. And unlike before, the day of my appointment did not dawn with me already in a state of terror!

I made sure I had breakfast, and an hour before my appointment I swallowed my Dormicum tablet. Its a small tablet, and because its used as a pre-anaesthetic and can be used as a “date rape drug” if not properly dispensed, its bright blue! We arrived at the dentist and I was already starting to feel a little woozy as I helped my Glugs fill in the forms. I fell asleep in the waiting room so the last thing I remember clearly is the forms… The drug makes you compliant but forgetful, which is why its so dangerous! I follow instructions and can respond to the dentist’s questions when in the chair, and I have a vague memory of getting into the dentist’s chair, but I didn’t even know the dentist was a woman until my hubby informed me later! The next thing I remember is waking up in my bed at home at around 1pm, which fits with the Dormicum knocking me out for about 5 hours.

Apparently I am rather entertaining when I am doped to the gills, but my hubby has never seen me like that ‘coz my sister drove me the last time. My Glugs told me how, when I sat up in the dentist chair after my appointment I remarked on how the wall opposite me was painted pink. “Yes,” says the dentist, “it used to be green.” “Was it green when I got here?” I asked.


Unfortunately the dentist declared a root canal necessary and referred me to a contracted out specialist, the same one I saw in the past, but until I have the cash I can’t go and see him. It is immensely frustrating because with or without the cash, I can’t leave the tooth until I am in agony… I am going to see if I can find someone contracted in who can do the procedure but I am not holding my breath.

And don’t get me started on the rip-off that is medical aids and medical expenses. Ugh.

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  1. Doctor James in Doringkloof has done all my root canals etc over the years. He is contracted in – we don’t have the cash either – he is okay for the job. You can always have it checked out at later stage when you have bucks – in the mean time get it seen to!! love you my sweet Ange! LOTS ‘N LOTS LIKE JELLY TOTS

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