Party Animals – Pay Attention!

YAY YAY Sass and Chantal!!

The competition is closed!

I have two – thats right, TWO – six month memberships to Good Fellas to give away from SAB Reality Check!

SAB has come up with an online game, called ‘Last Round’, and it begins where most nights out end: with the player making his/ her way home after a good party and one too many drinks!

The player is then presented with a few options of how best to get back home where each choice leads to a different outcome, but the message is simple: if you drink and drive you will regret it!

One of my biggest concerns now is that my twenty one year old son (AKA the knucklehead) can’t get home because his ride is drunk, or he is too drunk to walk home, and since he was very young I have told him I will fetch him from anywhere no matter what time- rather than have him drive or walk home drunk. Good Fellas is the ideal way to make sure that doesn’t happen!

You must be over 18 to play the game and to win the prize, and you connect via Facebook so you don’t need to remember yet another password!

To enter, tell me in the comments (with a valid email address please so SAB can contact the winner) what you have done in the past to find a smart way home!

Competition closes at midnight on Thursday 10 May 2012 and you must be in South Africa!

5 thoughts on “Party Animals – Pay Attention!

  1. Ahhhh I’m too late, but only see 1 comment from a South African so maybe still have a chance hey :)))

    I’ve used Mozzie cabs before to get home safely, or gotten a lift with someone sober, definitely dont drink and drive, Good Fellas is awesome, know someone who uses them and it’s a great service to be able to have.

  2. Man, I so need one of these memberships! The last thing I can afford is to land up in jail and have my shame splashed on the front pages of the morning papers!
    I actually prefer to do my socializing at home simply because I don’t like to drink and drive, but my job requires going to the odd function and then it can get problematic. I am fortunate in that my partner will often be the designated driver, but he’s getting a little over it! 🙂
    Don’t tell anyone, but I once experienced the embarrassment of being reported missing when my cellphone battery died and I was sobering up at a friend’s house before I could drive home! Imagine my chagrin when the police arrived having located me via the tracker in my car!!!
    So yes, I definitely need one of these Good Fellas memberships!

  3. Hmmm i think I’ve had it pretty easy in London. The public transport runs all night (night buses are crowded with equally drunk people) and we have great access to cabs.

    The one rule has always been: don’t drive if your going out in the first place. Cab it.

    Not sure what its like in SA though. I’m assuming its a little more hardcore if your going to wander the streets at night calling out “does anyone know where the 134 bus stop is?”

  4. My mom and I had the same agreement you have with your knucklehead – I could always call her no matter what the time or the circumstances. When I moved into my own place, though, I had to come up with a new back-up plan, because it was in a different city. Generally, I used to prefer to go to my local bottle store & then entertain my friends at my place. I had a strict “no drinking & driving” policy and would have everyone hand me their car keys when they arrived. Anyone who was too drunk to drive/walk home and had no-one who could pick them up would sleep over at my place. This was a great strategy because it was cheaper than going out to party, there was no risk of tragic accidents, we only played the music we wanted to hear, there were no unpleasant confrontations with people we didn’t like or embarrassing public displays or difficulties with one of the group having too much to drink. On the rare occasions when we went out to party, my friends and I would usually walk to where we were going and share the cost of a cab back to my place, where the usual rules applied.

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