A Long Overdue Week Away…

Last week Friday, my husband and I set off for Midlands Saddle and Trout in KZN to spend the week there with my mommy and daddy darling at their timeshare!

We’d been planning it for months and even after we learned our sweet Nathan’s memorial service was on the Thursday before we were due to leave, we decided not to change our plans and make the most of the chance to get away from everything. We also couldn’t really change the dates as my daddy darling’s dialysis bags were delivered to the resort as was arranged months before.

The drive down was pretty uneventful. We left Gauteng after 10am so we missed the worst of the traffic, and the roads were clear because we were going down out of season. My Glugster and my dad shared hethe driving with my mom and I chatting up a storm in the back seat- to each other and on our BBM Groups! We stopped in Harrismith for lunch before finishing our journey at the exceptionally well appointed resort cottage!

There was one family event planned for the Saturday (a bit of a reunion of sorts for my mom’s family), and a couple of visits to my granny darling in Howick were arranged. The rest of the week was ours to do with as we pleased. And we did exactly as we pleased! We strolled around the resort. We looked for birds. We slept late. We talked to the resort’s horses (who you are not allowed to feed). We played Scrabble. We ate too much. We drank too much wine. We were hoping to do some fly-fishing but the licenses were a tad pricey, and the horsey outrides also weren’t cheap so we didn’t ride at all. There was next to no 3G signal so we couldn’t spend time on line, and the phone signal was horrible too so even calls were limited!

On the Sunday morning- after my Glugster reminded me that it wasn’t actually Tuesday- I took a chance and phoned Cath-tastic! I was ecstatic when she said she and her sweetheart had no plans and we set off for their house in Doibs a little while later. I was even more excited when she let me know that B and her SexyG would be there too! We had all of two hours to put away a couple of Pina Coladas and some bubbly, but it was SO totally worth it to be able to give Cath and B some real-life hugs!

On the Monday morning we went to visit my granny darling in Howick, taking the scenic route along the Midlands Meander instead of the highway.

On Wednesday we spent most of the day touring a part of the Midlands Meander, bird watching, taking our time, sampling cheese, eating chocolate, waffles and biltong, admiring horses and shoes, and playing with goats!

On Thursday my folks went to see my granny darling again and my Glugster spent a rather arduous day helping out with a crisis at work, which with a better signal would have taken perhaps an hour! But we stayed at the house and I made supper for the four of us and we just chilled.

Friday morning we lit out for home again, stopping again in Harrismith for coffee and making excellent time!

It was such a wonderful week.

13 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Week Away…

  1. We were there a couple of weeks ago – such a pity we didn’t time it better, we could have met up!! Glad you had a good time, I’m sure you really needed some down time after all the sadness in your family xx
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  2. I really like the Midlands 🙂 sometimes its a bit boring but great place if relaxation is what you’re after. I forgot about the putt putt place! Thanks to your pics I’ve made a mental note. darn it, I went recently with my mom, only hour n half away for us, and we got bored coz we’d done the Meander before and visited everywhere, next time I’ll remember n go play a round there 🙂

    It all sounds so nice and relaxing. And nothing more therapeutic than being somewhere you get to unplug, enjoy mommy & daddy & some good friends & nature & animals.
    Oh I wish I’d climbed inside your luggage and joined you!! (jealous!!)
    Happy Mommy’s Day!!
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  4. I know how much you needed this week. Moreover, you’ll never know how much your driving two hours to spend time with us meant. Love you x

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